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Monday, May 07, 2007

tWinKLe LIttlE sTars WOnder WONDer

Somehow I felt looking at stars can really soothe my soul; a sense of tranquility and peace within.

I was crossing the over-head bridge, when I notice about 8 stars glittering over the night sky. I was caught by the view that I stand motionless and stare at them for like 10 seconds (I was like woah, and I just felt so re-charge and high like a new Dura-cell battery used in the pink rabbit; you know that old commercial . . . more stars begin to appear right in front of me after the 10secs stare.

Tilting my head upwards and continue walking, the stars like out of the blue ‘disappear’ when I pass a street lamp (it was then i recalled I’d read somewhere that our retina will adapt to the dark when exposed to it for a period of time and thus able to see ‘clearer’ in dim sky; but once exposed to bright light, the ‘adaptation’ is reset and hence the star appeared to be ‘vanishing’). Interesting yea? And and, 1 can differentiate stars from planet by whether it flicker or not, a star will flicker but not planet.
Sigh, light pollution over here in Singapore just made it harder to spot those dazzling diamond.

Really had this urge to have a super-duper mega pixel camera to take picture of those stars, a telescope to view them, a ‘star directory’, in short pick up star gazing as a hobby? But time time time. . . and $$$ for those accessories. . . or perhaps is just another of kai’s ‘3 mins of passion’ (those Chinese proverb) =,=

Right anyway when I reached down, I noticed this snail on the pavement, thinking someone may squash it and for some other unknown reasons I pick him out and place it on the grass patch (NOTE: this is not something I would do usually), was baffled on my own actions afterwards. . . reach home was like so chirpy instead of the usual tired, gloomy gesture. Is it those wonder of the stars?

Perhaps just perhaps, maybe someone can come out with this starry-therapy since there are dolphins, music, even horses therapy outta there, why not stars I thought =/

Gazing them and see who spot a particular stars with some one special will be lovely too=]]

Take care

This song revolved round the word ‘if’. ‘If I could, this, that’ is a common quote in people these days, I meant what done is done, there no point whining ‘if I could only. . .’; more ever ‘if’ already means impossible, saying ‘if’ only made 1 feels more regretful, sinking deeper to remorseful , into regression. Bottom-line instead of ‘if’, why not just look ahead and see that as a lesson learnt, a steeping stone for future endeavor! Having said that, it is always easy to state a statement and ‘counsel’ others, but is always hard to ‘counsel’ oneself. The hardest person to seep into is you yourself! That is precisely why we need close friends, spouse, parent, brothers etc, in time of resentment.

Sometime we need something really bad to happen in order for a particular message to be sent across, and that’s me. To be frank that kind of lesson learnt will just slip away in a matter of times~ goosH, ding, dang, gosh, baM, bish @______@

Well anyway, finally found YUI’s latest album lyric translation, was actually all the while in my ‘favorite page’ (never notice till lately =’=) I’m surprise that her songs now is kind of dark, sad and as usual impact-ful. Sometime people review their feelings through poetry, expression and for YUI is music, I think. For example in her ‘thank you my teens’, she wrote ‘Just singing
Turning any pain into a new song right away
Just by doing that, I was able to turn it into strength’
So how many ‘painful’ songs she wrote depicts how sad she is?
Anyway some ‘quotes’ from her songs that really is power pack! Just to list a few yea~
-in ‘why’ she wrote ‘Why do people have words?
They make our hearts harder to see’
-in ‘highway chance’ she wrote ‘It’s like getting on the highway from a loop road – that kind of image
You push forward, but the reality is
It’s lying in the palm of someone’s hand’.

With that
Take care
Ciao~ =’


  • you are damn right.... stars are damn beautiful.. saw them last night with the moon.. it was darn beautiful... i snapped it with my hp (though the quality was not good).. it was nice.. den i played songs at the background.. it was so nice and beautiful.. one can define it as romantic i guess... you are right.. stars flicker and shimmer while planets dont... i saw one planet last night.. Assumed that it was jupiter? alot of people said that it could be jupiter.. it was bright, but it does not glitter and shimmer like the stars... It was a beautiful sight and i wished that it did not end.. stars would always be our friends... they may not be present in the day, but in the night, they come out in style shocking people of their beauty and keeping us company till the end of the night with their sparkling beauty... Simply a magnificent view.. Somehow, i feel by watching these stars, it makes feel relaxed and calm(indulging in the beauty) thus making me more 'reenergized' (no stress at all).. then i would count the stars too.. watch it with your 'ehem'.. don think i don know.. Muahaha...

    P.S: i think the snails were out at the pavement to view the beauty as well.. Who would not want to miss a magnificent view....

    By Anonymous shah, At 2:37 PM  

  • O_O shaz. no time no drop by. .

    YUp. . bout e'they may not be present in the day'.. . actually they are there all day long, jux tt in the morning the sun 'oushine' them tt we cant see them i think. . .=/

    and LOL on the snail, yup maybe he came out to enjoy e sight too, but he need a safe place to watch yea? least someone step on him and .. . gg ~

    By Blogger kai, At 5:22 PM  

  • Stars are... magnificient and mysterious beyond compare... Ever watching, never wavering... but we see is actually the past of the stars... That which they were many, many years ago... the years that it took for their light to reach us and thus form their existence to us... In a way, the sky is a map into the past...

    Snails... even the smallest of beings has a desire to live... it struggles with all its might to survive... while insignificant, and hardly affecting us in any way... such things are to be respected... it's good to know you stopped and did that when you could...

    By Anonymous twilight, At 8:57 PM  

  • wow you got a new mp3.. which brand and which model?

    By Anonymous Chire, At 10:46 AM  

  • wow you got a new mp3.. which brand and which model?

    By Anonymous Chire, At 10:46 AM  

  • @twlight
    O__o on the 'many years ago... the years '

    tt snail thingy is 1 of thse things i would NOT normally do =/

    is creative zen v plus =] shld hav brought frm u =/

    By Blogger kai, At 10:25 PM  

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