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Wednesday, November 28, 2007


YUI IS tougher then she looks; I mean given her size and such. She knows what she wanted in life at tender age of 16- to sing, she knows not to be a burden to her mum and support herself, she work part time at 16, the feeling of making music raise when she fell sick, she faced financial problems, she felt making music could made her stronger, she decide to pursue music, she blow bubbles out of her house, she loves to doodle, she take down one side of earpiece and sing on way home(sometime I did that, provided there no one behind), she this she that. There so much I didn’t know about her till I read up on her recent interview @ (currently the best YUI’s update online). I was like; how far she had comes thus far and continuing! It so cool to see many fans commented stuff like ‘YUI is my inspiration source’. To me she is and will be. It kind of stupid to admit that I actually picture YUI and ]some-one else[ saying ‘GAMBATTE!’, to encourage myself when I’m stress out with workload and stuff, and it always feel better! Yea I know it’s stupid =/

Well anyway, I discover 1 principle from jogging- even if I jog 5 sec faster every ¼ lap, it gonna ‘accumulate’. So every little time I put in my studies may seem insignificant in a single day, but hey they gonna accumulate when days pass and I’m seeing results right now. Usually at this stage I will be ya-ya and complacence, so yea, bla bla!

Oh yea, about YUI again, I just realized she reveal about her pursuing music instead of schooling in her “My generation’ when the lyric wrote

‘So I took of my uniform at the age of 16
I didn't want to be defeated

I didn't look back
From that point on

Because it was me, I could do it’

Me and it is ‘pursuing music’

Take care

Catching Hatoru no hikari~ love comedy bout this himono-ona (dried-fish woman), who rather stay at home porch drinking canned beer, laze around then going out, least to mentioned to-date.
Catching up with pal tml and sat, after so long of cooping at home, and term test is like2 weeks time @___________@


  • So long as you keep moving forward and always strive to be better, even if it comes in minute amounts... big things are made from small things once ;o

    By Anonymous lego, At 1:11 AM  

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