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Sunday, November 18, 2007

Thanks Spongebob for once ~

I know its no point whining; but I still had to blurt it out to feel better ‘My internet connection is having hiccup in the midst of my [project week]’. Its really getting my nerve when I on the verge to discover something, then the connection just die off like that. Its even weirder, when I can access to people’s blog, crunchyroll, when I cant access to google! And google is solely the search engine I trusted. The stupid modem need to send for repair I guess. Argggh! Irritating. Meantime I just pray that the modem will work ‘at the moment’, or I will really turn crazy! solution search at one go when the internet is ok, then wait till hiccup; then start summing up the findings (once the page loaded, remain there so long as u don't close it)

Luckily, the spongebob I watched today made me laugh and forget about the tribulation; when Patrick ask ‘What is claustrophobic’, and guess what sponge replied ‘is something that afraid of Santa claus! And I was like barrr-ahah-ahaha- the way spongebob laugh! LOL!

With that
Kai take care


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