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Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Minna no Uta

Well was browsing through youtube; you can always unrevealed something interesting from there and I found ‘Minna no Uta’ – (みんなのうた?), literally Everyone's Songs, is a five minute NHK TV and radio program broadcasting several times daily since 1961. The program is generally used as filler at the end of regular television programs. While many of the episodes are aimed at children, a large percentage is not, so the program enjoys a wide audience. Cited from Wiki

So here are some cute, meaningful and interesting 1

its call Minna no Uta for reasons; as people of all ages can connect to it; it so sweet to know that clips like that can be made =]]]]

Minna no uta - koneko to keito (1992)


Minna no uta 2006 - 恋つぼみ(Koi tsubomi) - 奥华子(Hanako Oku) 'highly recommended by Kai to watch'

(Oku Hanako also sang the theme for 'The Girl Who leapt Through Time'

minna-no uta - happy birthday

and the really cute 1

minna-no uta - hina-no uta

the video tells everything!
wish Singapore could do something like that

Take care


  • Incredibly cool, kai-kun... Thanks for sharing =O

    By Anonymous kibou, At 6:40 PM  

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