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Saturday, November 10, 2007

Sugar and Spice

1L of tears left me a really good impression of Erika Sawajiri, impression here compromises of 80% look and not forgetting the other 20% acting; and thus I wanted to catch her latest work ‘Sugar and Spice’ in theatre but catch it on cruchyroll instead, the free-flow of anime, drama and movies =]

The movie- plain boring, except for the intro part and predictable plot! Its about how this guy Shiro who doesn’t seems to understand how love can hurt so much when his pal fall out of it till he experience it himself. I like how wiki put it ‘He falls headfirst into a bittersweet first love that ushers him into the world of adulthood.’ I was like Woooo~ one thing I don’t get it is the title itself ‘Sugar and Spice’ with subtitles ‘what little girls are made of’ I was like uh? Well at the very least there this very interesting character- Shiro’s uber-hype American-wanabe grandma! Other then that there is noting much to comment on the show.

Sawajiri other recent work, Close Note, wanted to catch it but wonder why is not shown on crunchyroll. Erika was recently condemn for being rude, bad attitude in front of media and such; I guess the main reason, I think was because the movie uses YUI’s music, perhaps Erika, a singer herself felt upset about the company choice, like ‘why not use mine?’ thus yea the attitude. I only assume that is~

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  • erika is not happy cos, according to somewhere, she have relationship prob. n she is rumoured with a 42 yr old robot king i think..heck..
    n that gold lock dun suit her. look like leah dizon LOL..
    if u find closed note, tell me

    By Anonymous zw, At 9:55 PM  

  • @zw


    leah dizon, that ang mo who sing j-pop; behind Angela aki and maybe Yuna Ito

    u found closed note tell me too. =]

    By Blogger kai, At 5:57 PM  

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