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Monday, November 05, 2007

out of the norm

Right anyway back to my favorite topic-J-pop!
Recently, not so recently actually, I came across another J-pop artist that does non-mainstream J-pop – Eri Nobuchika, a singer with not only a pretty face but with a power-packed vocal! It kinda sad that those doing the non-mainstream didn’t receive the credits and attention they deserved. It jolly well reflected that the crowds love the main hip genre and neglecting the more laid back-jazz, folk and such. This will only means that new artists will dare not try these genres thus making the markets saturated with the norm = boring! Wait this is totally exclusive to YUI! Ahha~ you know I tend to be unjust when comes to judging things I like best~ and I wouldn’t want her to overtake YUI since both are under the same record label, EVIL!!!! Bla~

Light – Eri Nobuchika

Love the slowly built up pace of this song! @1.20, she reminds me of Maggie Q (that doesn’t mean you stretch the video all the way there, slowly let the music run and you will jolly well appreciate this masterpiece!)

her style actually composite that of the west Arvil and Evernance

Take care


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