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Thursday, November 22, 2007


Woot, finally finished watching the J-drama – LIFE!

The main cast (1 thing i must stress all look so different in the drama, only Ayumu, Hatori, Hiro look better in the drama)

Kitano Kii as Ayumu (She 16! Cant believe it)Good acting for a young actress, very convincing in her role

Fukuda Saki as Manami (Can you believe that this sweet little girl manage to made you wana bish her up, puke at her or what not)

Seki Megumi as Hatori (the big girl of Ayumu, really cool persona, but soft on the inside, for some reason i felt weird whenever she smiles, LOL)

Hosoda Yoshihiko as Katsumi (it made no sense to believe that he is psychotic, trust me you will after the show, a little sympathize also)

Hojo Takahiro as Sonado (the guy that all girls will fall in love in, towards the end)

The only co-cast i wana mentioned as she is darn kawaii

Hoshii Nanase as Hiro

The drama adapted from a manga, focusing on bullies in a prestigious colleague in Japan. It really nasty to see how Manami manipulated his friends, teachers and even father, and protruding those sinister grin whenever she saw someone suffered. She referred her victims as ‘Toys’, and is meant for her to play with. It is disturbing to see her acting innocent through threatening and blackmailing, even to the extent of ‘offering’ herself to get the job done. Her ‘co-bully’, also her ‘boyfriend’, a dad-made psychopath enjoying people suffering, as is a way to ‘release’ himself(he was ill-threaten by his dad).

Well anyway, the gist of the drama is about how this girl Ayumu standing up against the bullies and fighting her own rights, while others either just kept quiet and remains ignorant as they don wana get involved, not to mentioned the teachers too(except 1). Finally, the class affected by her spirit, stand up and stop Manami, only when the truth about the bullying was about to reveal, thus is more like the class want to push the blame to her solely, it really sad to see this kind of stuffs! Anyway, as usual the righteousness that drama wana portrait; when Ayumu didn’t want to take revenge on Manami by bullying when she had the chance even to the extend of rebuking the class ‘You can’t stop bullying by bullying’, and was like to be =] or -___-

On the bright side, the story also focus on themes on friendship, trust, a little of love.

The casting, ah superb, Ayumu, those big eyes filled with strong willed is really convincing! Credits should really goes to the casts on Manami and Katsumi, when it made the audience really want to bash them up or something. And the Blackhorse Sonodo, really get every attention of girls in the later part of drama!

Personal thought, both Manami and Katsumi kept blaming is others fault that they are their present self, but they should really stop putting the blame on others and face it for once. Perhaps, they really see no wrong in their doing, as in the show mentioned what is wrong in the first place, it may seems wrong to you but might be right for others and blab la. Fortunately, I didn’t hate Manami and Katsumi unlike most viewers, as it really sad to see them acting like that. …. The process yea I hated them, but ending you will sympathie them

Lastly, Great song 'LIFE' by Mika Nakashima, this song really made the whole drama stands up and 'feels right'! this song kept haunting me since i last heard it! credits to Mika too! =] The song start off with some bewildering piano, then the moment Mika's vocal comes in, there magic! She a more of jazzy singer, so this song by her is a surprise! (I love those coarse sexy vocal! Woot, but YUI, you're still no 1, =])

Worth watching! ‘Why sunflower facing out, towards a bright future’

1 thing good about J-drama is that
1) Short and sweet, straight to point, unlike dilly dally K-drama
2) Syn the drama with songs so well that, its always feel right
3) focus on storyline, unlike T-drama that talk about love here love there, all those old school lame story.
4) unlike S-drama, there so many eye candies in J-drama
5) simply because it is made in Japan
Take care



  • T-Drama and S-Drama are taiwan and singapore drama?

    lol my first thought when seeing 'T-Drama' was o.0 kaijie watch tamil drama!? lols

    By Anonymous Calvin, At 2:22 PM  

  • @calvin

    YUP! tamil -___-, but sometime i really did watch on central when theres nothing better to watch, always in the midst of movie, they sing here sing there, quite interesting, LOL

    By Blogger kai, At 5:17 PM  

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