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Monday, November 12, 2007

This headache of mine had been bugging me since last Saturday; guess is all those unnecessary stress I poured upon myself. I was like I must finish these and that by today, which in the end nothing was done, due to headache and falls asleep instead (is not wise to position sleeping bed right in front of my study table). Guess I’m not the type of ‘directional-species’, as in things must go as plan, but rather the one that does whatever he what at whatever times that is. Maybe I should tell myself ‘today I’ll try to finish this and that, instead of MUST finish’.

Sometime, I felt as if our brain is a life as it own, working independently; as in, it think what it wanted to think, not what you wanted to think, it is until you can synergized your spiritual with your mental energy that you can really control what you thinking. I had no bloody clue why and what I writing here, LOL. Anyway, the synergy analogy is so cliché in some kong fu show, when the ‘Sensei’ trying to coach his disciple to concentrate.

Was watching the final (last song before disband) concert of ZONE singing ‘Secret Base’; a song that I had mentioned at least twice in this blog, a song that is so heartfelt, you don’t need to understand the words, the music tells you that it is an emotional song. It pretty amazing how these young girls manage to pour out so much emotion into this song, I always felt ‘awww’ whenever I listened to it. the lullaby melody just melt your hearts

one part of the lyric mention 'holding back tears and smiling is very painful' towards the end, the four depicted that
Take care


  • Kai-kun's first untitled post... =O And there really isn't such things as 'try' or 'don't try'... If you set a goal for yourself, you should go all out to get it... Of course, don't be too harsh or severe on yourself... set respectable goals within your limits and bench markers to show your progress and little tidbits to reward yourself.

    Kai-kun feels quite deeply for a brick wall <(^_^)7

    By Anonymous Inori, At 12:40 AM  

  • @inori

    so sharp!

    inori means what btw; only came across it in 1 of Younhna's song

    By Blogger kai, At 5:55 PM  

  • Inori = prayer, kai-kun ;o

    By Anonymous Anonymous, At 8:17 PM  

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