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Sunday, October 21, 2007


A plunge into the pool ends the hectic week?

Well anyway, I was kinda baffled at how advertiser made use of young innocent kids in their advertisement. Take for example the ‘Huggies Ultra’ advertisement; a kid was shown as a ballerina wearing a diaper saying Huggies is my ‘best friend’, I was like -,-, GOD they teaching a kid to treat diaper as a friend or something? Then these advertisements on milk, with kids saying I love milk because of calcium in it, do they really know WTH is calcium in the first place? then there this Yakhut, forget the details. Worst still they are broad casted mainly on kids central, where kids populated the channel, so yea, bla bla~ **ops did I just indirectly said I watch kids central?** well im not embarrass to say that.

Right, editing of abstract in my report after a bath, sometime I just need a third person to check my report or stuffs, as I’m always confident, or over-confident to be specific that I see my stuffs as ‘ok’

And and, while heading home just now, I saw 2 kitties, 1 coated with orange stripes, pairs of yellowish eyes and a bells round it neck caught my attention. I approached it and it brushed its body round my legs 2 times, I was like wo-wo (itchy); was tempted to touch it but didn’t as I thought I’m allergic to cat.

And yea I’m right, my legs are kinda itchy when I reached home, -,-

Well Zoom- to bath ~

Take care

for thse who tune in to class95, the 'back to old skool' at 6.45pm shouldn't be alien. jux send Jean an email playing 25min by MLTR with a little msg, wonder will it be aired tml hmm?


  • It is because you're educated and able to view things as they are that you can see these things, the things and nonsense and lies the TV spews out... I myself have not really been watching the television at all... at most perhaps 30 minutes to an hour a day... The thing is, it stands out above the rest and leaves a lasting impression in your head. Whether it be good or bad, it leaves some sort of mental switch and awareness that automatically activates whenever you see that certain product or service, making it stand out a little more than the rest. That's the brainwashing that the tube is capable of. Moreover, think of all the impressionable and uneducated minds out there... fertile soil for the planting of the seeds of taint and deceit... Another thing i'd like to add is how casual violence is shown of late... To portray violence as normal, and even humorous... I really can't accept that the gross outrages in south park and happy tree friends can be considered as humor... Is chopping off another's head funny? Is it laughable to spill another's guts all over? Is the blowing up of someone's head or body a cause of uproar? This disgusting distortion or reality... What is becoming of us if we see violence as nothing but common entertainment...?

    Remember those days back in Sec school, kai? When i was your private tutor? =) I was always insisting that you could come to me anytime for help, and how i was always fussing over your work and how i kept asking you if you understood a concept or not... and how you kept coming to me when you needed help or that time when we stayed back after school to solve those sums... I wish i could go back to those days every now and then... Perhaps i may be able to help you again this time? Or perhaps that uncle of yours has already taken my position a long time ago... My replacement, eh... lol It always pained my past possessive self that such a person might exist... but i know that you're far ahead of me this time... To be truthful, when i looked through your logbook at that time, Much of the information gathering and computation escaped my grasp... My pretension about being to comprehend it... You're on a different level than me now, kai... as hard as it is for me to admit lol...

    I wish cats would approach me as readily as they do you... Animals seem to have a way of knowing a person's true character, it seems, eh? lol

    By Anonymous taiyo no kage, At 12:03 AM  

  • @ sun (kage means leader or stm)

    - on the contrary, i do enjoy watching south park and happy tree frens, is like black-humor or sought, bUT kids watching it and laughing, tts disturbing.

    the fact u dont comprehend is because my stuffs were all jumbled up and disorganize and is still is

    tt kitty, i saw it done the same action on some1 else, but the guy jux scram it off. lol. tt kitty sure knows how to get attention,but is learning to get whose eh o-o


    By Blogger kai, At 11:20 AM  

  • kage = shadow

    By Anonymous tsuki no hito, At 6:17 PM  

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