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Thursday, October 25, 2007

this post deserve a BIG -___________________________--

Right, so first week of school doesn’t goes really smooth~

Get ‘A’ in the first week! That the only 1 time I don’t wana see an ‘A’. That ‘A’ appeared no where near result slip but in attendance list. Pretty soon will come a warning letter I guess, -.- ||| worst of all absent with no valid reason, but the reason validated, if you are blur like me. So here how-

Its always a custom that there’s no tutorial in first week of lesson, and teacher had actually re-minded us during lecture that there is, and I’d actually forget, -.- wait I was paying attention, and just didn’t know how the part of ‘There is tutorial this week’ being filtered off. Wait the worst part is I’d actually confirmed with W that ‘we don’t have tutorial right?’, and he replied ‘yes’. I was like ‘WTH, you sabotage me ah, on the day I miss the lesson’. It was then my the other friend reminded me that ‘He choose different electives, difference from yours, you ask him, of course he say don’t have la cuz he don’t have, different time-table dude!’ then I was like -,- |||, teacher who appeared to over-heard it gave me the -.-|||| look also, I was like -_____________-||| yes yes I know~

Then was the A1 size poster that I had to come up, of which I spend 2 days of ‘5am-8am and 4am-8am’ to finish and the results was like -___________- ( spend so much effort then come out like -_______-) it was only after I printed the actual A1 size that cost $19 that I spotted some of my stuffs are misalign, and yea I don’t wana spend another $19 just to reprint. All I had to do is not to point on that part during tomorrow poster presentation, I guess~

Then came the list of project+ an ‘s’!!!!!!!!!! -________________________-

Guess all these explain why I had drowned 2 cups of Hot fudge 2 days consecutively! Starting to appreciate hot fudge > flurry. Ah the warm chocolate complimented with the snowy-creamy vanilla is Woooooooooooo, the after-taste of the chocolate is aHHHHHHHHHHH. Think it beats my favorite combination of ‘flurry + coffee’, had it? don’t know. . .

and my aching neck, that actually made my my neck protruding out which resemble that of a giraffe; think is the long hr in front of com doing poster -____-

and my left knee cap injury since 3 weeks back after a run w/0 much adequate warm out, that made me walk waywardly which resemble a duck

so if you withness a cross of giraffe-duckie man- there a high chance that u had actually spotted moi -__________________-

Take care


  • lol kai-kun... That's really what's cute about ya... XD And one day i'll let you taste a choc sundae that will make you look down on mac's hot fudge forevermore... lol

    Sit back with your back straight, kai... Don't lean forward, it's bad for your eyes too... And you really do need to take care... From what i can gather, you have rather weak knees... Know your limits, kai-kun... Though it is necessary to surpass them every now and then, never ever head past the point of no return...

    By Anonymous How much must you make me worry...? @_@, At 1:01 AM  

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