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Sunday, October 28, 2007

Perfect doesn't work

‘Perfect doesn’t work’, guess that the theme of the show, I’d just watch on channel 5 ‘The stepford wives’. It about how influential and powerful/independent iron lady, whose hours spend in office neglecting the house and especially the hubby, making man like a worm or sought. There this woman who loses his man as a result wanted to create a ‘perfect’ world, where woman submit to their hubby, by placing some microchips in them. Many guys send their girls to be programmed and then the story tells how this man resist the temptation to ‘robot-terized’ his wife and save them, bla. The sight of mindless lady, without objective, just yes sir and never say no is totally creepy and even to the extent of ‘Y…’,bla! On second thought, there won’t be much conflict and such, and stuffs, but that just doesn’t spice things up I guess.

And yea, perfect doesn’t work, but still, we aim for perfection that some forget about the word ‘humanity’. Sad

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  • If perfection causes one to lose one's path, one's soul and one's very humanity, why does man continue to strive ever ferociously for it? Why would they forsake all else in their pursuit for it, only to find that, when they reach their 'perfection', it be nothing but a pile of rubble in the face of an even greater 'perfection'? Because it gives man a reason to live... And a meaning to our meaningless struggles... Perfection is in itself, an ideal... It is not a reality, for nothing can ever be perfect, and the sole true perfect imperfection really is nothing... Nothing else can possibly perfect. To err is to be human... A great man once said that. ALL humans are flawed, it is these very flaws and imperfection that makes things... well, perfect... for the true state of nature is chaos, and in adhering to that state, render it a perfect model of what things should be. A perfect order is unnatural, perfection can only be found in imperfection. Beauty, music, art, people... It is all true. So what is perfection? It is simple to be imperfect.

    By Anonymous Nobody is perfect... Am I nobody? ;o, At 10:09 PM  

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