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Wednesday, October 03, 2007


Wa la or voila! For those who don’t read much like me will literally spell voila as Wa la. I heard this expression on television the other day, but didn’t ‘see’ them written down and its no wonder some commented ‘most people are illiterate television-addicted morons.’ I was like ouch! I mean it precisely that some are illiterate that they need sound and visual aids from the television, yea?

The first time I came across this word is from some cooking variety show when this guy shouted ‘Wa la’ with great enthusiastic on his finished dish. I was like wow so it means ‘ta-da’ I thought. Then yesterday I came across this word again, and for some reasons, randomly I typed ‘Wa-la’ on Google search then came to this webpage explaining the misconception on spelling and the words and such.

I should be doing my report and do think I passing my time DOTA-ing. Perhaps I’m taking the 3 weeks for granted, that I’m just rotting in front of the computer. more like procrastinating ~

The worst thing is when I got sick of playing I can sit in front of the com gazing on the screen listening to song, waiting for some random things to come to mind then voila I thought of searching Wa la, and voila I learnt the word! @__@

Anyway voila is more like ‘look there’ or ‘see there’, I see it as ta-da~

Sometime I myself was amused on my own randomness. . .

Take care
.;. trademark sign by Kai -,-, does it remind u of a footprint?

really can t stand my language, sentence structure, etc, I means is like primary school style. I should read more, I guess~

Since what you hear can be misleading, it no wonders some place their instinct over other senses. – another of those Kai wanabe statement.


  • Actually, 'Voila' to me is also 'ta-da' in a more flamboyant tone ;o We all have our individual ways of expression... There simply is no hard and fast rule as to what you should say when you feel like, or when you should say something.


    ... So you're really not using it the wrong way =p

    But television does drain the minds... implanting images and false truths that in turn become another person's reality... That's why one should not mix what one sees on the telly with the real world... And that the real experience will always be far better than some sugarcoatted or blood drenched example shown on the tv...

    I've always loved your randomness... Though you may see me as irritated or almost like... 'diaaaaoooo' from your extreme lamnity some time... But it's one of the things i like about ya. Though it does make having a serious conversation quite a difficult task at times... =/

    And kai-kun, as i said earlier, we all have our different ways to express ourselves. We are what we are. You may look at someone else and say, 'wow, he sure speaks better, i wanna be like him'... But that only shows how insecure and how little faith you have in being yourself. The way you speak, the way you type... that's just you, kai. You're Kai-kun and no one else. I sure wouldn't want you to suddenly start speaking like someone else one day... Be proud of who you are and how you express yourself. If you see it as a form of improvement, then yeah, but never doubt yourself.

    By Anonymous And thus it was so..., At 10:47 PM  

  • @ thus

    @___@ you put it like i belittle myself -,- what insecure -,- what little faith -,- i only look up to someone and made improvement and not literally be like that someone @__@ . then u'll reply 'wa, there no need to be so defensive.' then i'll reply 'nt defensive but stating the fact', conversation always end like that~

    well anyway randomness either ensure an endless list of conversation or silence the conversation. ha! its depend on how well the receiver reacts, thats that~


    By Blogger kai, At 12:54 PM  

  • voila voila (vwala vwala)... reminds me a congolese elderly pastor, tat's his usual exclamation - a very fatherly man who took time taking care a group of us then, thik will not meet him anymore..
    voila voila - i see, i see; means look there in french

    By Anonymous uncle, At 10:51 PM  

  • lol that's not true... but really, what's so wrong with just being yourself, now? I'm rather sure you're proud to be Kai... =p

    By Anonymous therefore it is, At 3:01 AM  

  • @ uncle

    viola viola reminds me of voda voda water instead @_@


    @__@ did i ever said 'whats wrong with myself?'

    you with ur tools of words and pre-assumption -,-


    By Blogger kai, At 1:13 PM  

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