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Monday, October 15, 2007

tie down

Sometime I really hate things that are being planned for me. I don’t really like to follow a set of things and bound by it and follow it unless it’s sensible. Take for example my report writing, there 1 whole list of things to follow, like only ‘palatino linotype’, double spacing, which made the words so darn freaking big and so far apart -,-. Enough is enough when even the procedure to write introduction, then methods and materials then results presentation then discussion etc, can’t I combined results and discussion together? I know standardizing all theses made the teacher life easier in gauging the report but it simply hinder our creativity to present our data! It’s alright if it means to be a guideline, but as a ‘die die’ must follow step simply pissed me off. Well I just hope my LO allows me to combine those 2 section together~

happy-note, YUI's latest single beats Ayu!!!!! in first week sales ~ more then 10K wooot! how happy can i get? i'm actually thinking of doing a printed YUI t-shirt O_o, well see how~ even if i dare not wear on street, but hanging on my wardrobe is already ahhhhh~ -,- well thats that`

Side-note, I always thought only kids need words of encouragement but lately I felt sometime even adult needs encouragement, a little words like ‘do well’, ‘jia you’ really help me to get back on track =]

Random! I’m jealous of Russell, my dog. Sometime I bring him out, girl will come forward and said ’so cuteeeeee’ and starring at him before asking questions related to him, -,- and I was like blab la -,-

Take care

Just finished catching ‘3 wishes’~ guys watched it, the reality TV show only had 10 episodes, only 10, high production cost the main reason, think it ending this week. Oh, I found out that Amy grant the host of the show is actually a Christian pop singer who had won 6 Grammy awards, that’s something! yet to find her song 'Believe'


  • hmm i wonder when yui's poster will be available in singapore.. clothes with yui's picture printed on it i don dare to wear, but posters.. i will make sure my room is full of it =D lol

    By Anonymous yui is mine, At 4:25 PM  

  • Well... Life is a set of rules, afterall... Society lays them down for you and expects you to follow them to the letter because they're 'tried and tested', or 'surefire, sure-win, sure-won't-go-wrong'... But screw them, I say. I've never forced myself to adhere to the norms of society. Geez... It's my life, and heck if they're gonna ruin it by putting some cookie cutter over my head and turn me into another gingerbread man... I'll answer to only myself and my morals.

    We all need a pat in the back, or even a hug from time to time, kai... it's only natural... =p Except sometimes when i do it, you snap at my fingers and attempt to rip them off... lol

    And to be jealous of your poor innocent dog... That's kinda sad, isn't it? lol and here i was thinking you might've been jealous of me in the past... sigh... Beaten by a dog... I think i'm sadder than you lol

    By Anonymous Live life the way you want, not how others want, At 8:30 PM  

  • u noe there is something extraordinary about ur blog... the comments that are stated are rather.. hmm how shud i put it..

    By Anonymous shaz, At 12:24 AM  

  • ahahaha.. yes, that's right shah. very philosophical...

    hahaha.. kai.. here's some encouragement for you.. you can do better than your dog at girls! keke.. just kiddingg... all the best with your wateva u are doing man.. :)

    By Blogger Ruben, At 12:41 AM  

  • now now. . .

    @yui is mine

    i think i dare to wear! but had to design first, no time now since project stuffs, arghhh.


    love the gingerbread man analogy! lol =] jealous thingy is jux an expression la! nt literally jealous -,-|||


    yup, the comments are what draws u guys here and me to cont writing, typing to be exact -,-


    yeah, tt guy is indeed philosophical! words with salts, pepper, sugar and stuff (tts a compliment!)

    And of course i can do better, since the girls 'made use' of russell to open up a conversation with me. thx russell i mux said! =]

    *** thick skin, buay-hiao-bae***yea i know =/


    By Blogger kai, At 10:34 PM  

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