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Thursday, October 11, 2007

colour blind

Right so yesterday just catches the legendary courtesan starring pretty face SONG Hye-gyo with pals. Well I was mentally prepared for the dreading 140 + 1 min screening time; visiting toilet beforehand. As for the movie, it plain bores with no climax except for the goring of genital area, LOL! On my left, cal was fidgeting and on my right mel was erm erm and I had the time to look around jus show how boring the show was! But who cares, I came to watch SONG not the movie, =/

Anyway, just caught this catchy song ‘Color Blind’ aired on Class 95, the only radio station I listen to, other then 92.4FM. I usually catch it around evening when I took evening nap listening to old school music to latest hits, where Jean Danker taking the DJ seat. The station had so many stuffs like prank calls thingy, sharing of old school memories and stuffs that made it my favorite station. Yea blab la bla . . .

Recently I had misplaced my lucky ring again, and I thought maybe it mark the new beginning to something -,-, now that I found it back again, guess things just remain as it is~

Darius Danesh - CoLor BLind

take care


  • ... sigh... That's why i was asking at the start if that was a movie we really wanted to watch... Seriously left a rather bitter aftertaste in my mouth, that movie..

    By Anonymous yami, At 10:44 AM  

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