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Friday, October 12, 2007

dreams come true when u believe?

Being catching the show ‘Three Wishes’ broadcast on channel 5; weekdays at 1pm. Its really a hear-warming reality show that shows how people reaching out to those in needs, those who’d lost their houses in disaster, those whose close-kin whose days are numbered, those who suffered from terminal illness, and lots more. It really touches me to see how they granted their wishes and bring smiles back to them. The show never failed to bring me to tears every time I saw how their life had change for the better, especially the once taken-away smile being brought back. Watch it when you guys had the time, is a life-awaking show!

1 thing though, some of the aids that they’d received was like 1000% better than then, I mean this 1000% could be split to 100% to help more in needs yea?

‘Some dreams don’t come true, but this 1 did’~

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  • dream is the goal; believe is the driving force; luv shld encompase througout the journey. so which is d most important - cause me to rethink..
    recall a preacher msg: where there is a dream, there's a depression b4 the destiny - why... tat's life - perphaps depression create the depth to withold the destiny...

    By Anonymous uncle, At 2:56 PM  

  • Dreams... They drive the human spirit to ever raising hopes... But they can also utterly shatter one's spirit, or lead to despair, desperation, and the ruin of those associated with that person... It is all good and dandy to speak about how ideal dreams are... But how many have died clinging to a dream that never realised? To die with a false, fruitless hope... reaching and scrabbling at a delusion... And as for those who are lifted to the heavens by the possibility, a dream of success... only to be flung down and shattered as the dream failed... The strength of the human spirit is strong... But in the end... It is nothing in the face of reality and eventuality. Dreams... Dreams are a must, however... For what is life without dreams... a meaningless, stagnant existence... For after all, it is better to have dreamed than never have dreamed at all.

    By Anonymous Dream Catcher, At 10:52 AM  

  • to reply to the previous post.. i think it just depend on your expectation for the movie lengendary courtaesn..i expect it to be boring.. but still i decided to watch the movie because of the female actress song hui qiao.. and the movie did live up to my expectation.. song hui qiao is so pretty!! yeah song hui qiao is the best in korea and yui is the best in japan!

    By Anonymous yui & song hui qiao biggest fan, At 10:38 AM  

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