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Saturday, October 06, 2007

3 mins fever?

I’m always fascinated and envy those photographers that I’d seen from cities to villages. Their pose/stance, the turning of lens all theses are so darn cool, well at least to me. It no wonders I want to get one of this baby, the DSLR camera! The good thing about DSLR camera is that it not as rigid as compared to those casual cameras, where a click of button does the trick. With SLR, one had to adjust this and that to get what you wanted it to be viewed, the auto focus mode, shutter speed and blab la. I also learnt that one can actually attached a microscope or telescope to a DSLR camera which means I can actually take photos of germs to stars, WOOOT!

Again this might be just another 3 minutes fever so. . . to add on it isn’t an cheap hobby to pick up @___@ online does sell cheaper, but a novice like me don’t know the details~ BA~

With ta


  • It sounds as though someone has made a request for a christmas gift... don't really know if i it is within my bounds this time though... lol...

    By Anonymous a memory keeper, At 11:29 PM  

  • @ memory

    i didnt made a request, but i did mentioned tts 1 of the little baby i wana have when i made some bucks out of e well

    By Blogger kai, At 11:11 AM  

  • hehe... did you now... Just poking a little fun at ya =p Hmmm... but to recall all your 3 min fevers thus far... a certain person who shares the same birthday as you, a guitar, a ruby, myself(if i may boldly claim so... lol), Christianity... But you know... we should treasure these moments of impulse and passion... As we grow older... all these will pass and eventually fade...

    By Anonymous Impetus, At 10:16 PM  

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