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Monday, September 17, 2007

Expedition @ UBIN

Guess the expedition on Sat had really drained me as I woke up with ache all over body especially on my neck. Together with uncle and his group of army pals, we headed to UBIN and went cycling, conquering road track to muddy trails to steep upslope to slippery downhill. Indeed a day well spent, as I always had wanted to cycle somewhere out of the ‘safety bound’. I meant it not 1 of those perfect track in 1 of those park that just so darn plain and boring. Over at UBIN, every turn you had to focus, to keep a lookup for vans, warning your buddies vans ahead or behind, every downhill you had too consistently grasping the brake and you know you had to be extra careful like no speeding etc. On top of that, you are in a nature reverse, monkeys, roosters, puppies, spiders all greeting you, there so much wildlife to appreciate, instead of those lifeless building, busy people in mainland.

Its pity that CHEK JAWA (part of UBIN) was at high tide that we didn’t really get to witness most of the mangrove life. And boy, there so many creatures that my hand phone just cant snap, if only I had a camera around, arrrh.

As usual pictures speak louder then words so yea. . .

So we spent like 10hrs over there, then head back to mainland Singapore where dinner was at geylang. Did I say geylang? Yea, I had pass by there over many times but never once step on it, needless to mention at night! The glittering neon lights, the mouth watering old man with popping eyeballs with their hands sliding down the ‘lady’ body, should I said woot or gross?



quite random to play tis song @__@


  • hmm, is really a gd idea to hv photos n tots blog for memory - make uncle wana learn to blog agn eh; like the another time tat blog wif eagle tt linked urs.
    i like the 2 classic posts, endless sight, watchtower n lovely!... must commend u on these shots wif ur hp cam... i like d song too

    By Anonymous uncle, At 10:56 PM  

  • damn kai...i really envy ya ='(

    By Anonymous a world i've never known..., At 8:45 PM  

  • @ uncle

    ya lor is nt easy to shoot with a hp cam! bout the song, its kinda nostalgic, and sad? maybe i post the lyric up someday~

    @ a world


    seems like my site only gt like 2 frequent passer-by @___@ 1-by goes by multi names, the other uncle T_T

    By Blogger kai, At 9:39 PM  

  • You don't like us two frequenting your site...? T_T we're only showing our support for ya... =O and i'm sure others do read your posts too... ^_^

    By Anonymous multinomycron, At 5:54 PM  

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