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Saturday, September 22, 2007

Tomorrow Way

Sometime I felt I just take music for granted. It like I used it as a tool to block off surrounding sound when doing project or to fall asleep in a long bus journey ride. I mean ‘making’ music is not like you add this and that ‘proof’ you had it. From composing to music arrangement all took passion and hard work, and there I just listen w/o appreciating the hard work instills in it. PITY, especially when I did that to YUI music too. It’s unavoidable sometime to listen for the sake for listening though, e.g. from sleep to project.

However when not doing those, I’ll try to focus on the music arrangement and understanding the lyric; which is practically impossible as most of my songs are in JAP, thus the very least I listen hard to the tune, the different instruments played or check up the translation (only YUI). That is why sometime if you caught me starring in the mid air, being oblivious to the surrounding with my mp3, don’t see me as TAO or what not, I’m just focusing and ‘understanding’ the music.

Recently I read a post from about how GIN from Bluewind, a guy who held so much passion for YUI and had lost ‘interest’ in her. In her previous work, YUI does more light pace music accompanied mostly by acoustic guitar; it’s more simple & light-hearted, soothing to the ear and very different from mainstream J-POP. In short, she does her own music. Now she does more on mainstream J-POP. Perhaps GIN prefers her that way and wants her to remain that way; stagnant. To me I see YUI doing different genre of music single after single just shows how versatile she is as an artiste, and she continues to impresses/surprised me too! =]. 1 thing I agreed with him, “Tomorrow way’ acoustic by YUI is a deep and emotional song. I didn’t know there was an acoustic version till I read the post, =,=. After seeing how he describe “Tomorrow Way’ I listen to it over and over again and I now finally realized why some of YUI’s fans see “Tomorrow Way’ as her best work yet. The guitar intro itself is so beautiful that it gave me Goosebumps, the first time I listened to it. Close your eyes and you can literally feels the emotion she poured into the song. The bridge also gave me Goosebumps lol.

Anyway, today had dinner over at Waruku Pasta with Mel. The waitresses are so darn enthusiastic that I just felt uncomfortable for some reasons. Food wise, is pretty ok or should I say good since I forgotten to snap the picture down, which I usually did. Thereafter, we explore route that can bring our date (if there’s 1) to in the near future, how ‘near’ exactly I don’t know~ in the midst I unreal a pretty cool place when some photos are taken! See it yourself! pretty blur though

Finally I bought “Taiyou no uta’, YUI debut movie! And get some pretty cool animae movie from mel, Samurai X trust and betrayal, Tokyo Godfathers and the last episode of Samurai X (movies). Perhaps I’m too impatient to watch the ending of Samurai X w/o watching the front portion, indeed a big @___@.

Lastly Tomorrow Way YUI
Give the song a chance, close your eye and listen to it, the emotion will overwhelm you

with that
Take care’
dnatsrednu ot drah era slrig


  • hehe... Guess i succeeded in brining kai-kun on an adventure this time ^_^

    and it isn't an episode... its an OVA lol

    By Anonymous voidmancer, At 10:04 AM  

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