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Saturday, September 08, 2007

1 of thse LONg posT~

I finally realized see why company willing to hire inexperience students like us to do work for them. One word, we are ‘cheap labor’ who don wan? In e lab, the research I’m conducting is not much different compared to those so called ‘research engineer/officer’ and they like receiving 5 times our pay? Having said that, it’s a win win situation since we gain experience from the company while they safe quite A LOT from payday.

Whenever I mentioned ‘research’ to my pals, they will gave me those ‘holding in awe look’, like open wide their eyes, with jaw sagging down. It nothing much to be frank, you just do what you asked to do, its just plain following instruction from the upper head. People from IT, business or engineering can accomplish the tasks too, without a doubt.
Right, I always try to limit my ranting in my blog, so how’s my weekend spend?

Initially the plan was to go Ubin and cycle together with uncle and his pals, but guess what; I was greeted by lightening when I woke up like 0623 and then comes the rains after washing out. What a morning! To woke up early and looking forward to the ‘expedition’, only to be ruin by the weather! @___@

Thanks to John, I manage to unravel some underrated/underdog café opposite bugis street! There this whole stretch of road selling lots of food, there’s Korean, Jap and Taiwan etc. We manage to settle down at this Hong Kong Char Chan Ting; had their famous baked rice, yuan yang and this superb toast with overdose of peanut butter, condensed milk and salt? Is really a pity that the food didn’t come warm, only close to warm especially the baked rice, nevertheless the cheesy milky top layer sure is overwhelming with flavor. Ah, as for the yuan yang, the aftertaste is so darn good, a transition of sweetness to bitter then bitter to sweetness, O_O. The toast, shiok la! (but is advisable to share the portion instead of having the whole piece yourself, is rather gelat if you gobble it whole-‘heartedly’~

Do think i actually missed out the photo of he toast bread, too engrossed in it that simply forgot to snap it down!

Out of 5, 2.7 for the rice, 2.9 for yuan yang and 3.3 for the toast! Price quite reasonable, but service wise, serve the food w/o serving fork and spoon, what say you? Maybe the waitress had a busy day ba~ =/ do think yesterday, I had heavy dinner at this Thai restaurant ‘Lemon tree’ to celebrate uncle birthday with his friend followed by dessert at Swenson and today another sinful indulge, so heavy that Im too full to had my dinner tonight!

I really wanted to take bad my words in referring to some of friends as ‘saio’, ‘crazy’ when they already had DL-ed the songs/movies over the net and still bother to buy the original version. I know what it feels like to own something ‘original’, if you really like the artiste/shows. And so today I bought YUI’s latest album ‘Can’t Buy My Love’ even though I already ‘owned’ the songs and even the PV!

The cd

To add on to the shopping carts, I actually bought 2 ‘Chirashi’ (click the link for definition) of YUI debut movie ‘Taiyou no Uta’! so happy~ gonna hang them on my walls after I got those blu tag! Do drop by this shop ‘popcorn’ when there this movie you really like and wanted to have a ‘Chirashi’; 1 located at Esplanade and the other at Suntec.

e Chirashi

CIAO~ YUI new single ‘Love & Truth’ get tie with the movie ‘Close Note’ by Erika Sawajiri as n ending theme! Her previous double A-side single, ‘My Understand’ was tie with a movie too. Man dear YUI is really getting more famous. Guess what? I found out that she actually appeared in New Paper on 22nd May, and I missed it! darn! Nevertheless I had the picture!

random pics

didn know how i manage to snap this down

swt-ne, the old cum young couple holding hands? actually their fingers criss cross each others, but were too slow to take the shot~

will upload YUI's Love & Truth tml~ night ppL

Take care


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