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Sunday, September 23, 2007

another expedition

She’d been hinting, asking me to bring her there ever since my expedition last week, of which I finally gave in and yea so my sis and I were in UBIN today! And toot, cant believed I was over there in 2 consecutive weeks! And a small world to met 1 of the lab personnel over there!

I was there last week, and I still can’t really figure out the route even with a map right in front of me. It seems that we pass by a particular place 2 times before reaching the designated place, @__@. She must be grumbling I guess @__@ Its pretty cool that we spotted like 3 kingfishers and thousands of fiddler crabs which I didn’t manage to catch a glimpse last week.

Well anyways here are some tips if you are heading to UBIN.

TIP 1: Be the last to enter the bumper boat, that way you got to have the last seat and the privilege to stand and enjoy the view. Why cramp inside the shelter where you can expose to the gentle breeze, the wave, eagle, yachts, speed boat, sea-gulls and many others!

TIP2: Don’t buy coffee, tea or milo from their coffee shop, they tasted more like plain water and take a century to arrive. You don’t know what water they using, canned or bottle drink will be better.

TIP3: coconut from coffee shop nah! Buy them instead along the way while cycling, the 1 to the entrance to CHEK JAWA pretty good, but that again depends

On track
TIP 4: stop whenever you see a road map board; there a little arrow indicating where you are now unlike the ‘paper version’.

TIP 5: Be extremely carefully when cycling down the trail to CHEK JAWA, its darn steep, narrow with many curvy sharp turns.

Sight you don’t wana miss

1) The quarry! Magnificent views! I can’t really describe it though. I swear that I’ll snapped it down if I got a good camera and of course if I remember!

2) CHEK JAWA (though we didn’t get to see many creatures that the place claimed to have), but still a trail to be discovered

3) the CHEK JAWA visitor center

Conclusion: most of the sight seeing will be over in the east side of UBIN, the rest are all tracks and trails for you to conquer!

Tired, sleep tight, and still can’t believed I had a cramp in the thigh! (seems like the blog will not be updated if view under internet explorer, mozilla better)
Take care
Full moon soon!


  • awww... some brother-sister time... you sure take care of your sis, don't ya? =p

    By Anonymous onii-sama, At 11:11 PM  

  • my fren said, bro usually bring sis to shop la, movie la, mankan la etc.

    but thus far, i only brought her to UBIN-once, NTUC fairprice-once, oh and once in plaza . . . so isn't really that much @___@

    By Blogger kai, At 10:28 PM  

  • once is far more significant than 'zero' after all... For ya to make an effort just to take her out those times... shows you do take time for her too ^_^ if only you'd do the same for your grandma... lol

    By Anonymous anata no oniisan =p, At 12:08 AM  

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