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Saturday, September 27, 2008

wk 1 of sispec

I’m in deepest shyt- cux of all company I’m posted to Bravo. Just asked those who been trough sispec before and they can tell you. Tough luck, suck thumb that all I can told myself and see through it.

Had been having sleepless night for the past 5 days; cux my bed is right beside the window and the corridor lamp was left permanently on for safety reasons. I am sensitive too light la, so how to sleep, suck thumb. Go buy eye pad lor. Training darn shiong, run and run like bulls with my slightly recovering injured knee cap-suck thumbs. Have a positive mind set- no pain no gain and hopefully can see through it. Now my worry is that how in the world am I going to jump over the low wall (SOC) when I felt this sharp pain when I jump vertically up? Interestingly I could jump 14cm more for my SBJ during the IPPT cat test as compared to what I last did in BMTC. So I concluded, I can jump horizontally but not vertically for now. Sispec is not totally just bout physical fitness, but acquiring military knowledge (they gave you tons of lecture notes) and of course attaining leadership skills and eventually gain your man respect!

Right now, I just prayed that with my injured knee, I can recover faster than the impact the training piling on it and at least finished BSLC! If my injury persist, and managed to pass out from BSLC; guess I just opt to go into intell spec, medic spec, military spec (K-9 unit)- but tan-ku-ku lor. Hmm maybe medic spec. . ASLC (unlikely I guess; who’s knows?)

Takre care
桜 & 恋

swim tomo with cramp all over @__@ personal-physio


  • Hang in there, kai-kun... Always keep in mind that your safety comes first! I'll be praying for your safety... :O

    By Anonymous Jia you, kai-kun!, At 8:58 PM  

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