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Sunday, August 05, 2007

movie spree

2 movies with 2 good friends in 2 days and 1st in my life! @__@ (yea, kai like to commemorate his very ‘1st time’).

How do we ends up catching 2 movies?

The initial plan was to catch ‘Paprika’ on Sat and John had previously asked me to buy the tickets first, but I was confident that there sure be enough seats as I doubt not many will watch this kind of ‘wu-lu-wu-lu’ foreign film. And boy I was so darn freaking wrong, when we reached there 3 time slots are already fully packed! Tell you, my jaws don’t know fall how many stories and no matter how hard I rub my eyes, it just doesn’t change the time slot tinted red to indicate ‘FULLY BOOKED’ =,=. Thus it was decided to watch ‘The Simpson’ yesterday and ‘Paprika’ today.

‘The Simpson’

In the midst of utter-brainless actions (using bubbles in hope to break the dome) and songs (spider pig . . .), there are actually a lot of propody (using jokes to reflect on the present state of world)? An example pointed out by Mel will be the first scene showing the rat and the cat, in which the rat tried to silence the cat by blasting it with missiles (like Bush to Osama)? To think about all these actually made the movie less funny and enjoyable, just watch it as a brainless show and had a good laugh, that all there is to it.

after 10-hrs we met up again and catch Paprika

As expected a uber super duper MIND_BOBBLING show, so deep and chim that really doesn’t captivate me, but the guru Mel who grasps the gest of the movie seems to be so thrilled while John seems to be disturbed by some scenes, the dolls and such. Me? I felt nothing at the end of show @__@, just yea yea like that lor . . .

With that
Take care =’


  • 'Wu-lu-wu-lu'??? Oh, I assure you most sincerely, Paprika is anything BUT such a film... lol Those with an interest in anime, and all the fans that Satoshi Kon has drawn to his name will flock to it like moths to a flame... And yeah, i was incredibly disappointed not getting a seat too... I just simply had to watch it after knowing who was the director...

    When you know things aren't as they are, and that when there's a serious element behind things, things start to loose their childlike innocence, eh? lol kai-kun... humor is based on a distortion of exaggeration of reality... we can laugh at it because we know and feel that it is out of the worldly funny... but it has to have some root in our subconscious truth. It was worth the laugh, though lol

    lol and i how sian you were after the show... desperately trying to piece things together but failing... It was amazing... But sadly, only those who could understand it could see its true beauty, i guess... =p For the creator to actually bring forth and come up with such vivid and out of the world images and blend them all so incredibly and smoothly, and yet so sureally and disturbingly... the very essence of the human psyche... that which can NEVER be truly understood... What sort of genius can think of such a method of storytelling. It was just simply amazing... and so disturbing and touching and surreal... But if you think about it, the realism, the possibility of such a thing happening... It is VERY possible... the concepts raised are actually very feasible and probable... and who knows, maybe something like that may happen in the future not too distant from now... :o

    By Anonymous Guru ;o, At 11:26 PM  

  • nah it will never happen after is a sci-fic but i love to see how it happen @__@, w8 maybe not!

    By Blogger kai, At 3:56 PM  

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