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Tuesday, August 28, 2007

tittle? can't think of 1 ~

I darn freaking hate those spammers in youtube! They kept posting those ‘websites’ on under the comments of my videos, that I’d to continuously checked on them, block them and remove them, hell know that they resurface using different nick by adding some freaking numbers behind and continued! Maybe I should just reset my setting that only approved comments by me be viewed~ think tts the only darn freaking way! but tt darn freaking ma-huan too, need individually edit 1 video setting, doubt im going do tt! so leave it.... enough of ranting i guess for now~


Being observing her lately, having curving shape that made man drool on 18th, 22nd bosom of her seems more ‘developed, then on 26th I noticed her round angelic face!

Wait, don’t get me wrong! I’m referring to the moon phase that I’d been observing lately~ From crescent (curvy body) then transit from first quarter to waxing gibbous moon (the bosom thingy~) then finally the full moon (round face) =,=

Simply Love moon! Quite random~ what happened to the stars? They are now like accessories to the pretty face~

As for the date of the moon phase, think I might remember wrongly, not a surprise if you know me well enough~

Moon does change but it is predictable, a relationship like a moon is a safe yet boring 1.
What the hell I’m sprouting? I don’t know!

With that
Kai take care


  • lasnit was the lunar 15th, suppose to be full moon. mmm, nex full moon will be mid-autumn le. there's tis chinese saying: 16th moon is rounder than the 15th- check it out nex mth. o, lasnit had a lunar eclipse- thik was called the bloody moon eclipse cos the shade was orange-red... eerrr

    By Anonymous uncle, At 10:59 PM  

  • The blood moon... a very crucial time... but fortunately, nothing initiated... You turned down my last gift, after all... Though it really was the 2nd last in order of presentation... lol

    The moon is a most tragic existence... fated forever to never exude any light of it's own, but to reflect the light of the sun... It's radiance stems from the sun... without it, the moon will be nothing but a dead rock, hidden forever in the sky, never to be revealed... without the sun, the moon is nothing... To live as the moon... I have no regrets... for such is my punishment, and such is the only way that i can shine as well...

    heh, don't bother with those who ride on your coattails... pitiful insects who can't shine on their own... basking in the light of another...

    By Anonymous Tsuki, At 1:40 AM  

  • @uncle

    yup. i knew that, they said changi beach and east coast park can witness it~ but chances are still lOW



    to downgrade moon as such, i don agree as we human are nothing too w/o sun too yea?

    By Blogger kai, At 8:57 PM  

  • Such an innocent, childlike way of looking at things... lol... But that's one of the things i like about you... I didn't mean ti literally... It was more of a figurative comparison between the moon and one's existence... The moon itself is beautiful, calming, soothing... and simply not overwhelming... The soft touch of the moonlight, the gentle glow compared to the overwhelming glare of the sun... But unlike the sun, the moon glows only so long as it can reflect the light of the sun... Without the sun... It is nothing... Humans... are not born equal... not all of us were born to be suns... some are fated to forever exude the brilliance of a great star... others to remain as nothing but the black void... and some... to be moons whose only glow comes from the sun...

    By Anonymous hitotsu no tsuki, At 2:17 AM  

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