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Saturday, August 25, 2007

Kai rAmble beTWeeN eaRth & UranUs

The feeling/s just get stronger each time, then ceased; then comes again. Call it snowball effect, that my feeling right now, but with a catch. The snowball rolls down a slop, getting bigger with each inch covered, it hit a rock, splashed into fragments/chips of snow, that chip as if rolling down an endless slope getting bigger again. . . This time it fell into an endless pit, totally vaporize; never crystallized back to faced the vicious cycle of rolling aimlessly. Oh really? I don’t know, I’m fickle but not in this matter. Even a stabilize heart could spontaneously form a bond with the unknown, what’s more for a UN-stabilize soul yea? After all, the more UN-stabilize you are there’s’ more bonds yet to be form, but that depend on your attractive force and the receptive force of the others. So good luck! @__@ Kai talks abstract sometime!

Back to Earthling~ only talk abstract when I’m in Uranus!

Yea! My 2.4km run improved to 13mins! I know that’s a pathetic timing but hey consider the number of times I trained thus far and my initial trail run, is a little thing to be proud of! Here it goes:
I started with 14min 30sec++, I trained 2 times per week. Within 3 weeks (6 times), I’d improved by 1min 30sec. Hopefully, by the end of this year, I could hit below 11mins! It’s always easier to improve from a bigger timing, but is defiantly way much harder to improve from a smaller timing to a even smaller timing. Here a shout out: its never too early to start training now for BOTAK course!

Strangely, every pals I’d asked none of them seems to be looking forward to the BOTAK course, but I am darn looking forward to it, cuz I wana live a ‘brainless’ life for a while, where physical & mental do the talking, not academically!

Anyways, it seems that these few days I could kept predicting what the next music gonna be played over in my mp3, its pretty cool; it came like this, a song may just randomly came to my mind while other songs are being played, then poof the next song played is the 1 in my mind! I don’t call it by chance, since it dose happened at least twice per week? I don’t call it psychic either, because when I purposely imagine the song to play next, other songs will be played, thus I called it the ‘good-luck’ sign!

Getting pretty lengthy, stop for now, ja-T~

Here a rather random song I played, a back-slide-d Christian myself found it soothing, the fact that many finds it calming and soothing that it seem s like ppl kept praising/singing for the sake of singing, it like a routine/procedure to them that it seems to loose its true meaning: to praise GOD, not to ease yourself! Do we really mean what we sang in service? I doubt I did back then in church, but sometime I do!

aND heres list of songs when i feeling blue

Take care


  • kai in the throes of despair? i can scarcely imagine... something happened?

    lol soon enough you'll beat anything i could've ever managed... sigh... at least it's good to know you're training hard... don't wanna have you regretting the same way i did.

    You'll see for yourself... you'll see and understand why intellectuals and those with a strong sense of self and individualism and free will hate the army so bloody much...

    and no, you're not psychic... even if you put your mp3 on shuffle, there'll be some songs that are preferentially played and some that don't get played at all... and it's not like you have 200-300 songs to predict from, right? lol

    By Anonymous nakama, At 5:47 PM  

  • nOPE~

    i didmnt said im a psychic in the first place, but i do believe every human is a pyschic themeselves, it just how u goin to tap on it~ how? some said sub-concious, or wat not. but i cant imagine a world where every1 had tap on that 'force'

    By Blogger kai, At 1:19 PM  

  • power is but a tool... it is something that only humans alone can decide how they wish to use it... I believe humans, as a race, are not mature enough to be granted such a gift so freely as yet... It is as has been decided... Humans... are without hope.

    By Anonymous he who possess power, At 3:09 PM  

  • wa- classical funeral song- amazing grace. there this jap singer ver who play end of the jap hospital drama - sound nice; even my unchristian frens like it, find n play it leh.. remind me 1 celtic hymn - be thou my vision - i like michael card ver - try it

    By Anonymous uncle, At 9:51 PM  

  • A requiem, eh... a song that is indeed full of soul... that touches the heart of even those whose hearts refuse to be hurt... Some sing out of exultation, some out of fear if they do not do otherwise, some simply, as you say, out of routine... But still it is sung, and to those who feel yet, will touch them...

    By Anonymous he who hurts you so that you can feel..., At 1:52 AM  

  • @ power,

    hMM... on point tt human had not yet attain the level of using tt 'power' at freewill~ but disagree on the w/o hope -+-

    tt jap drama is 'THe White Tower'
    O_O celtic sound interesting ~

    By Blogger kai, At 11:16 PM  

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