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Friday, August 10, 2007

BitS & PiecEs of CrumbS formed a BIG BISCULT


My MSN got invaded by some unknown virus! Many had claimed that they’d received some unknown messages from me of which I’d no idea of! Think I gonna be offline till the problem is resolved, least causing some misunderstanding! =.=


J-pop has always been characterize by bubble gum pop, catchy lyric; squeaky vocal (with YUI and some others exceptional), emerge a band- Garnet Crow that had their own distinct flavor; with lead vocalist Yuri’s sonorous vocal which is VERY unique among female J-pop artist. Why Garnet Crow? Garnet a precious gem, luminous in its own right, a total contrast with the lyric penned down by Nana (lyricist & pianist) based on theme like sadness, betrayals and even death; hence comes the word Crow. On the contrary, the melody sounds cheerful, that 1 said ‘You can take it as a radiating smile that masks a cringing heart’. Their songs (rather poem being sung across) just sound so calming, soothing; yet to find the lyric though!

Sad to say, those talented group don’t usually have lavish backup, nothing extravaganza, thus they didn’t really received the attention they ought to have, but once you unrevealed this kind of gem, you’ll appreciate them more! And Yuri does remind me of ZARD!


National day~

Come to think of it how many of you guys outta there could recall those theme songs from 2000 onwards; at most you could name the singer Stephanie Sun, Kit Chan and Tanya, that’s it! BUT!

I bet many fellow Singaporean could recall ‘Stand up for Singapore’, ‘Singapura’. ‘One people, one nation, 1 Singapore..’ etc. The reasons lay perhaps the lyric are simple and able to touch and connect every Singaporean’s heartbeat! Or perhaps, they are being recycled and drilled into us since kindergarten, thus became a part of us; great work by the Singaporean committee to ‘influence’ us when we are pure and innocent, @___@.

Anyways, I just found nowadays national day theme songs get more and more chim and too abstract, what San Francisco -,-||| to connect us.


Woot, for 2 odd months had been eating lunch at the same old canteen, with only 1 stall to choose from (luckily with about 10 dishes to choose from), we finally had some special order from MOS burger, thanks to Lab tech!

Lastly, think I had overlook ‘Life’ by YUI, perhaps I had been listening to it so many times that I found it just to be ‘yet another song’. Recently, when I hear it, I start to indulge in it. The opening guitar string immediately grasps your attention, follow by YUI’s clear & bright vocal blend in the soughta soft rock melody perfectly. This song is like custom-made for YUI, as I think only she can bring the song to ‘Life’. You’ll know is a ‘motivational’ song even w/o understanding the lyric I guess!

Come to think of it, I’d listen to YUI’s 55 songs for 3575 times (my iTunes got play count), average 65 times per song (with ‘Rolling star along amount to 112 times!) since last December (the number soughta stagnant after the totally YUI-manic Kai’s era!) that’s is why I’d stop listening for awhile that I will regain my adore of her music and YUI herself!

lastly i shall made room for Garnet Crow's music

Wasurezaki- Garnet Crow

^^ soothing, calming, perfect song for long bus journey!

With that
Take care =’


  • No wonder it's been quite a bit since i last saw you on MSN... =O Do still see your brother on alot though... Say, go to, a site for free software you can get over the internet that's 100% legal and approved by newspapers too. Get the AVG free edition antivirus software... It's even been lauded as better than the commercial ones you can get off the shelves.

    By Anonymous where does hope go..., At 11:01 PM  

  • think e prob is resolved!~

    wonder y when i wrote on j-pop stuffs no 1 seems to 'care' ~ haiz. . .

    shake head, doddle circle on floor with stick~

    BUT recently quite 'heart-warming', there this JAP professor in my attachment place, and he was like browsing thru my Jap music on lab com, was like both startled and excited. and within sec we're already discussing about J-pop!!

    do think ppl with similar interest in native island is hard to locate, and some1 from outta there share the same~~~

    BUT he's a Jap afterall~

    so @___@

    By Blogger kai, At 7:33 PM  

  • i dont rmb stand up for singapore during kindergarten? you sure ma? haha
    you know why not interested in your jpop post? cos u dun provide the song.. muahahha!! btw those song you download, what bitrate are they? i wanted to try to get some jsong and more. but find it very hard to get in. only listening to 'classic' like utada hikaru and some OST.. how to get into this whole thing lol

    By Anonymous zai, At 11:40 PM  

  • oh. i think u got that virus cos u were too curious. haha.. or you just tot i was some juicy stuff. like say you know, horn-ed items.

    By Anonymous zai, At 11:41 PM  

  • @zai


    bout the national thingy, i just based on generalization.

    some webpage i visited often and DL thse songs

    -hebikage.mutiply (tons of j-pop songs and all of YUI's songs!)

    *each of those page had their own links to other pages in which u can explore~

    **true i can't provide songs coz blogspot unlike mutiply can~
    thus i provide them over in youtube- under user kaispiral (all YUI and 2 Younha, proud to say quite a handful of hits, smug =D)


    imeem - tons of them but can't DL, sad also can, but DL-ing need some trick~

    limewire- don wana risk!

    By Blogger kai, At 9:45 PM  

  • oh yea bout the 'horn' stuffs, think contracted tt virus from some prog i DL, some music stuff~

    Like most guys, we do expose to them at least once arnd this age, well now at least i'd a chance to clear my 'good-boy' ahem image.

    By Blogger kai, At 9:50 PM  

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