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Wednesday, August 01, 2007


After gulping the traditional remedy of ‘ling yang’ (onyx horn?) with cough powder, guess I’m pretty alright for now! My appetite just kept deteriorating, and for some reason I thought that the fever had affect my taste bud, as it made it more sensitive, as my dinner dish tasted darn salty, the soup, the salad except the fish (maybe, my ah ma thought me being sick hence no appetite thus intentionally made the dish salty?). Today my headache is so serve that I’m totally lost in touch with reality (its like me doodle spiral on sand with stick, when others are talking to me, if you get the picture that is).

To made matter worst, I’m like feeding ‘vitamin’ to those darn virus already incubating in my body by eating heat-y foodies-herbal chicken soup, mutton curry O-o
Right, enough of blabbering about my sickness, as the more I whine about it the worst it’ll get, so yea. . .

**simply love toast of jam with cheese!!!** =.=

It seems that I’m always the first to notice those little setback and happiness in your life, by chance, fate or whatever stuff, but I simply just ignore them and blab la . . . cuz . . .

OMG, YUI's song 'Just my way' is used in the theme song of the upcoming reality TV show (some searching of campus hottie and babe)!!! not my first time hearing YUI song over Sg TV as her song 'CHE.R.R.Y' was used for some k-drama 'jia you jin sun' i think =/


Get well soon, me!!!

With that
Take care
**sleepy head**


  • Take care, kai... Look after yourself, won't ya? don't go for all those heaty foods yet... Get plenty of rest and drink plenty of water too... You take a while to recover after falling ill, so take it easy for now, k?

    By Anonymous worried for you..., At 12:09 AM  

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