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Saturday, January 06, 2007

jux another day

finally come down to a conclusion - decide to self-taught myself on guitar, found a good site to learn u c =/

fees charge @ 140++/mth ,for 4hrs lesson is too costly, hence i decide to self-taught. man e word 'self -taught' sound as if im so talented tt i ned not professional help =/, but yea bottomline is that i cant afford the tution fees T__T.

i invested in a guitar tuner tt cost 26++ jux yesterday , and i mastered 3 chords, 3 superduper basic chords to be exact G.D,C...but my strumming still sound like rythmless.. guess wat happen todae, the tuner jux go K@@boom, other word SPOILED.. wth man totally spoil my mood in playing guitar today =@

project wise.... bla



  • How can you actually spoil a tuner? o.O Go get the fork instead, if you know how to use.

    My house got three tuners.. But the problem is I don't know where they are. Hahaha.. If found, can sell you. LOL! xD

    By Blogger Ruben, At 2:15 AM  

  • cox i used energizer batt($5) then perhaps too much power tt it gt heywire, luckily manage to change for a new 1 =] , now using e cat or wateva u called it batt tt cost @ $1.80 and tuner still working! fork is for pro ppl nt nubbie like me =/

    By Blogger kai, At 9:18 PM  

  • Must be a really hectic time for ya now... But hang in there, kai-kun! you'll make it =O good to know you managed to exchange it for a new one too... was worried since you threw away the receipt... Remember, always keep the receipt for things like that! You never know when something like this may happen again... (> ' ' )>

    By Anonymous Zacharael, At 12:09 AM  

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