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Monday, January 01, 2007

baaaaa,baaaaa,baaaaa ~

man christmas day spend at home~
new year countdwn , home~


hope tis yr be a beta 1 =/

somehow manage to upload YUI's song 'good-byedays' >first virgin (appopriate word?) song to be played in my blog<

resolution for this yr - learn to play guitar( which i actuallly started 3 yrs bac, but halt in like 3wks times =.=) , somehow e passion to master the instrument is re-ignited, because i wana play the piece 'good -byeday' , which may takes mth to learn.


  • dear kai.

    wish u wud play the song soon in d new year. gd to hv a dream n work toward it; key words-> dream + determinant + effort. gd year ahd

    By Anonymous ur pal, At 2:20 AM  

  • there's no time more precious than that spent with family... ;o besides, we went for the movie on christmas' eve, didn't we? ^_^ Good luck with all that's to come, kai... I'll be by your side in all that you do, encouraging and supporting ya =)

    By Anonymous Lone Wanderer, At 2:27 AM  

  • gd yrs ahead too guys~

    goin hunt for guitar lesson later, only know of yamaha, which will cost a bomb i guess =/ tried to learn myself with a manual, but no musical genitic in -built me, jux go hey-wire =[ ...

    By Blogger kai, At 12:50 PM  

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