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Wednesday, April 04, 2007

tO foRgiVE a VenGEfuL sOUL~

jux as those hard-core fans of YUI had predicted, YUI's 2nd album 'Can't Buy My LOve' had hit the #1 spot in Oricon daily ranking(eqv to the US billboard)!
more @ bluewind,
and Oricon daily ranking (tell u im so darn exuberant when i know this news, tt feeling ahRgg is beyond e human's ability to pen down!!!), do think some of my pals r already asking me for her songs, shows stm . . .
aniway. . .

I remembered her with an angelic face, coated with fair-delicate skin,
Small features of hers that sway waywardly from a slightest breeze
Innocent voice that touches every lonely man soul
Her untainted psyche never fails to draw man and woman to her
She is of purest gem that sparkle in the deepest ocean blue

1 day, this man picked her up from the vast ocean;
he confessed and vowed to be with her, even to the end of this Earth
All these sweet talks were just mere tools to fish those innocent hearts
After tainted her body and satisfied with the ‘accomplishment’
He dump her back into the vast open sea,
The felling is like torrent gushing, penetrating her very delicate skin
Her cry echo the sea
Drifting wander- less-ly, helplessly, she gave a thought
‘man **pick** me up, its time for me to pick on them’

She begun to mesmerized man with ‘their own sweet talk’
Talk about **taste your own medicine**Everyman is like a helpless prey yet to be lure into her lair
So when her prey start to be dependent onto her, she ditched them like he did to her
She laughs when man falls on their knees to retain this relationship
All she did was to kick them off
She had hurt lots of man
Night fall, she burrows herself into seabed and shred tears, cutting herself out of guiltiness . . .**no-one else know**
She gave herself excuses like ‘oH those man comes willingly’, to ease from those shameful acts.

Once untainted soul is now as if possessed by a vengeful spirit
2 ocean-blue loving eyes, is now embedded with fiery stance,
Looking deep down, Z saw a pair of sorrow eyes

All she did after-all is simply to protect herself; I mean this way no man can ever get her, as she always be the one getting them. Some close pals discovered the dark secret about her and news were spread like wild-fire, they begun to shun from her.

Above her, the sweet, clear voice of Z called to her
Then the smooth sky puckered into cloth-of-blue and drew aside, Z reached to her with open-arms, willing to forgive her past.
Tears roll down her rosy cheeks

**Sometime in life, 1 simple act can cause a scar in one’s heart, and a simple forgiveness can heal that scar, and life shall move on.**

Well had rested for like 5 days from blogville and thus decide to make a come-back with a new genre of writing, and so yea come up with this. Sadly it doesn’t flow well. . .

And, A BIG AND today is the released of YUI 2ND album ‘can’t buy my love’, and if you see me on msn, you'll see me repeatedly playing her new songs, to drill them in my head! And. Another BIG AND, she wrote all her new songs again, to date she wrote 45 plus songs in 3 years, only about 3 others not written by her! This really made me ponder where the hell she get her inspiration from?

Anyway,for her new songs, my favorite are “highway chance’ and ‘umbrella’ which I be adding in my play-list, enjoy~ highway chance rocK like, hmmm, rock so much tt your balls just cant stay intact,O_o

and i found that ‘highway chance’ opening sound like ‘cherry’ and the middle part soun d lik e ‘how crazy’ is like a combination of both songs, tt to me and so yea, only those know YUI what im talking about here =/

WoOT now i ha d like 11 videos on youtube with 30khits on my first video made, smUG! **obviously YUI is getting more fame then b4**
check up for kaispiral @ youtube =/

Thoughts to ponder
**we pursue our own happiness from others or others found their happiness on us, either way isn’t it like making use of?**

With that
Take care


  • Hatred... Hatred is a primal emotion that exists in each and every human soul... No being is completely free from it... Hatred, despair, fury, anguish, envy... the darkness in man is ever present, it's only a matter of whether you succumb to it... Hatred is perhaps the most potent, as all others may stem from it, and from the others it may arise... I know what its like to be consumed by hatred... For it to be the only fire that drives your life... The sick pleasure at sowing the seeds of discord and ruin... I was consumed by it... Part of me was horrified and disgusted by what i had become... but it was too late... unknowingly had i lost myself... And were it not for you, I would never have found my way again... But i digress... You simply cannot control yourself once the flames go out of hand... It scorches everything around you, and everything within you... and one day... It will consume you... entirely...

    It is in our darkest times that we know who our true friends are... They who would shun her, for she is no longer what they would want her to be, are the usual crowd... the shallow majority who hurt and are hurt and will continue hurting... the selfish majority... the blind and unfeeling majority...

    If you want to look at it in a cynical manner, everyone is making use of everyone else. It's a matter of whether there's the existence of a mutual benefit...

    By Anonymous hatred..., At 9:12 PM  

  • O_O
    oR perhaps e Big pIc is tt she was nt hurt at aLL, bUT jux merelY doin all these for what-so reasons =/

    juX as our talents are used to benefit others, so as others' talents are for us, i guess yea mutual benefits, win- win situation =/ whic-h i found to be ratheR . .. . hmm

    By Blogger kai, At 2:47 PM  

  • Let's take this as an example... I want you to be happy, no matter what, and by making you happy and knowing you're happy, I can gain at least this small measure of happiness... In that manner, you are a source of happiness, something i am making use of in order to make myself happy... but is it truly 'making use' of you? I have no ill intentions whatsoever... It really all depends on the level of cynicism. Ghandi, Monther Theresa and many other altruists... they do the things that they have done so that others will be happy.. .and they find fulfillment and happiness in doing that... so does that make them manipulators or leeches as well? I don't think so... and yet...

    By Anonymous pride, At 3:04 PM  

  • ahhhh...
    stm better =]

    By Blogger kai, At 10:37 PM  

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