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Sunday, April 22, 2007

funny, sad, lame, stupid, happy ~

Right, so it seems ages since I last blog, you see guys, I had been attached to this Chemical Process Training Center (CPTC) for some ‘vocational’ training located at the ‘other’ side of Singapore-Jurong Island. Some called it the ‘Copy PowerPoint Center’, cuz we spend half of the day there ‘copying’ down junk of notes. They claimed this is so as to keep u s awake during lecture (for the previous batch, where all the notes are provided, almost all of them fell asleep during lecture), but I think it their way to make ‘full-use’ of time allocated.

Woke up @ 0825, Clock in @ 1200, and out @ 2000 had been a routine, reaching home is already 2200. Enough of the whining yea, let’s talks about the funny, sad, lame, stupid not forgetting the fun things that I had jotted down on paper for the past weeks.

I was changing back to my clothing after the shift training. You see, before we step onto field, we are required to be fully equipped with PPE, 1 of those is this over-all shirts that resemble pajamas. And so I was in the cubicle and was about to ‘unwind’ my folded jeans, when I saw my wallet fall into the toilet BowL. What I didn’t realized was that I was unfolding from the ‘leg’ side to the pocket side, and so my pocket was upside down and thus naturally my wallet will fall, remind me of Newton’s discovery of gravity except that at least he got to eat the apple? And so it fell into the toilet bowl; that contained my fresh urine, as I haven’t flush it beforehand. The immediate action was to pick it up and wipe and grab as much toilet paper as I can and wiped those fluid off (yuck!), thereafter wipe it with wet tissue and spray deodorant, =.=!!!

I felt something long stuck in my braces and so I used my tongue to push it out but failed and so yea, dig my hand in and pull it out. I was shocked to see a long orange thingy that I had plucked out and I thought it was the sunskrit orange juice ring cap (if u know what I meant), then on closer look it was a piece of carrot probably from the salad I had for breakfast. Do think that I actually thought it was a ring cap just baffled me =/

Ruben was asking me to join the group to chill at Mac after the training, but I was kind of reluctant and so yea thought of a lame way to excuse myself. I smsed him telling ‘if you ask this particular girl to ask me to go and I will go’ (cuz I doubt he’ll asked.), thereafter immediately sending another sms that I was joking. He showed my sms to her and I was like G_G, and he didn’t show the part that I was joking, so G_G x 2. Guess now will be kind of awkward whenever I pass-by her, geex ~,~ .

No doubt there may be a hint of infatuation, but infatuation will just pass like wind and lost its passion~ just a matter of time =/

Got a D+ for my first log sheet, it’s my first D in poly life, I was like #$#@$#, got over it soon after and hopefully the next entry could at least get me a B-. =]

Talk about fun, it was such a long time since I had fun. That day we had practical under the rain. It was darn sticky, you know from the mixture of sweat and rain but in the midst of it I enjoyed it =], such a long time since I last soaked in rain. Jeremy or some-one else was showing his torn glove to us claiming the rain was acidic =,=, had a good laugh and yea so that was that.

Take care

PS: in-case you guys didn’t notice, the entry on friends ver 2 is already out, just scrolled down from the ver 1, that was out like weeks ago. Also I had added links at bottom of page, kind of disorganized though =/

here a link for YUI debut movie Taiyou no Uta
, the show that destine me to be YUI’s fan =]

-hope the Singapore ferry- wheel will not be ready too soon ~ oh yea I’ll replaying 1 of my fav song – Secret Base by Zone ~


  • Hooo... I wear those coveralls too in OETI... somehow or another feel like its so bulky and heavy...and yet feel sorta naked underneath it... since it's quite baggy... and you really aren't wearing anything under that one piece suit lol

    'Her', hmmm? will only be a matter of time before i dig up who that 'her' is... hehehe... man, kai-kun... you suck at the intricities or starting a relationship...

    You'll have much more fun in field camp... rain + sweat + mud + so, so much more... XD Yeah... for someone like me, i'm amazed at finding being utterly soaked and dirty 'fun' too... hmmm... a shade of the child within? ;o

    By Anonymous 月の単語, At 2:47 PM  

  • hurhurhur... i know the truth.. So funny...

    By Anonymous Anonymous, At 5:40 PM  

  • @月の単語
    @_______@. jux hate tt overall suit, e suoffacting helment, e smoky goggles, e worn-up glove, arghhh whining again =/

    yea yea, who say i want to start in the first place . . .

    yup every one of us have a child within~ =]

    =,= x 1000000000000000000000000

    name urself, u r given a name for reason ~ bleh abit too harsh, lets see u mux be either R, A, or uncle =/

    By Blogger kai, At 7:32 PM  

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