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Sunday, April 29, 2007

wHen joKE rAn wILd~

About joking matter, I gave a thought. Think of the PL- launcher and receiver in CPTC.
**background info**
The launcher is used to launch the PIGS to clean pipes and will stop at the receiving end.
Pipe need to be lubricated for this process.
And so. . .
The ‘launcher’ had to be tactful when passing a joke, while the ‘receiver’ had to be sporty in receiving it. Having said so; once the receiver shows any sign of discontentment (non-lubricated), the launcher had to stop launching the PIGS (joke).
If the launcher continues to ‘shoot’ those jokes, the receiver end may just be over-pressurized and ultimately explode! And and and for receiver pls don’t complain/whine about the shooter ‘oh u this, u that’ while you yourselves are the do-er too, don’t made me label you as hypocrite~ =/ to be fair, we are all hypocrite at times, so yea~
Recently 1 such case had happen in CPTC, but the receiver had not shown any sign of displeasure and so the shooter continue to ‘shoot’, what’s more, the receiver himself joke along with him. In the end shooter kena own by the coordinator . . . =,= there a hint of injustice here, I thought . . . and that receiver is really scary, for he hid his emotions and allow the shooter to shoot more that later he can ‘slice’ him even more! `,`

Oh yea, YUI’S talent had been recognized lately, she had won herself a place in the Gold Disc Award, which is equivalent to the US Grammy Award. =]]]

**pause the playlist below this entry to watch =]**

This clip shows her receiving the award and after making some speech (which I hope I could understand), she performed a live version of ‘feel my soul’. 1 commented in the video ‘its scary how well she can sing live. isnt it a perfect performance. !!! To me it isn’t scary, it just depicts how true she is in her singing, pouring out her soul in music, that why it sounded so well, exactly sound like the recorded version. Perhaps what draws me to YUI is that she presented to the audience as herself, without much packages like most J-Pop artists. Though she didn’t get the crowd attention in the beginning, but its only a matter of time people noticed her talent; I means she pen down her own lyric, synchronize her own melody with guitar, pack with crystal- like vocal and finish with a angel-like feature, wOOT man I tell you! I cannot resist that~ look how well her album is selling now and hope that she’ll continue soar higher up!


And so Ruben had revealed to me that he’d not shown her the ‘msg’; he together with Alex, whoever the mastermind was, they just wana see my reaction to this ‘devious’ plot of theirs. Grumble, =/. This made me wonder is this part of their plot part 2? Whatever the case is, time shall ‘relinquish’ this feeling.
For me is like this, whichever pretty girl pass me, I thought I felt in love, but it was only a childish infatuation as soon someone else will come in, and yup that shows how fickle I am (except for 1 particular thing, YUI will always remain as my favorite J-pop artist, =]).

PS: yea! I got a B+ for my recent log sheet, that was like up 3 grades from the previous 1, and I was thinking of quitting guitar lesson, as I’m getting no-where, perhaps is lack of practice due to CPTC, or maybe I’m too impatient in seeing the results or my classmates are improving so well that I was like wtf man! @____________@
those adsense thingy, i'd remove them, cux till date only earn US.40cent =,=


Ciao~ =’


  • sounds like something interesting happened there... and you know what they say, still waters run deep you know =p

    lol you're still a boy, kai... but one day, someday soon, perhaps, the one will come and you'll know her for what she'll be truly...

    By Anonymous hikari, At 10:02 PM  

  • the balls u throw too high liao 'still waters run deep'. cant catch it~ =/

    By Blogger kai, At 10:42 PM  

  • those that are most quiet or seem the safest tend to become your worst nightmare... lol

    By Anonymous yami, At 9:01 PM  

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