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Thursday, December 21, 2006

toothy treat

just yesterday visited shaw hse , nt for movie , but for my teeth, the dental i went didnt have the x-ray machine, hence ned to go all the way to thier headquartes. inside i was asked to wear a super heacy lab coat tt suppose to protect me frm e radition, and was expoesd to this machine tt require 2 protruding teeth of mine to bite on a 'stick', like having a whistle in you mouth, then it rotate hapazardly round my head producing those 'robotic sound' , pretty cool ha?

was asking the dentist , 'isnt it bad that u r expose to radition every other day?' "wat to do?"
cox i thought she was inside the rm , e fact that i cant c her in the first place , remember e rotating machine.. blocking my view. it was only during the second scan , this time e machine nt roating, then i realised tt i was locked inside alone @___@, the rest outside operating the machine... =.= no wonder u cont the job ---

x-ray results shown i had 4 hidden wisdom teeth, which i gona remove during army time(cox is free ma) .

went to lib@orchard slack afterwards while waiting for my pal to knock off.... afterwhich went for a haircut at somewher in city hall, to support his barber,hmm hairstylist (sound beta) fren. pretty ok i gusess, well at least much beta then e 1 i had at jean yip.

since tml gona pluck off my 4 teeths, can imagine me talking with saliva 'flying' thru those holes, and thenafter cant hav solid food, my pal treated me and tt hairstylist at 'new york york', waited e queue for like 15mins. the place look cool and i guess e food would be nice till i tried it. i had steak ;hardest food we could thought of, but wasnt very gd,so flat @__@ . then e ice float came with ice(was told tt original is w/o ice cubes) ... tks for the treat aniwae =] oh yea then the pork rib tt look so sumptious, tt i boldly ask my fren for a piece actuall tasted like char siew

this e char siew... look can be deceiving, can get this at local marketplace

cool menu- give marks for here only

1 other cool thing is that they had lotas enthu crews there, who'll sing bithday song for e diners. @__@, nt a romatic place to be , but a cool place to hang out... also a place wher gd food cant bo found...

btw e x-ray and plucking off of tooth is part of my bracing procedure =/

ps: ps can t made it for yesterday Vivo outing =


  • You should've gone to the dentist just beside kfc in our area... had my wisdom teeth taken out there, really good dentists... It was also for the better that you removed the wisdom teeth asap... Let them grow too much, and the procedure will not only be more painful and complex, the consequences of the growth of the wisdom teeth would've been strongly felt by the surrounding teeth and gum area... Well... all i can say is hang in there! Once the wounds heal fully, you'll finally be rid of those bunny teeth of yours =p ... A kai with a perfect set of teeth... now that would attract the girls now, wouldn't it? hohoho...

    By Anonymous 忘れられていた時, At 3:41 AM  

  • molars and some other sets of teeths remove, wisdom teeth, think ib army then remove ba , since is free(frm wat i heard) ! i had 4 wisdom teeths (hidden) somewhere according to e dentist, can remove them after putting on braces too, some of pals say, bunny teeth is my identity. making it straight may erm @___@

    By Blogger kai, At 9:17 AM  

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