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Monday, December 25, 2006

the next big thing -YUI!

watched yui's debut movie 'Taiyou no Uta' or otherwise translated as 'Midnight Sun' the movie feature her latest alblum song 'Good bye days , 'skyline' and 'it happy line' ..

this movie was bout this girl played by yui , having a diseases know as XP - which means she cant expose herself to uv rays, in other words mux stay indoors till night time. at night, she will come out of her hse carrying a gutiar alongside with her, small body of hers, contrasting with her big guitar is so darn cute. she will then sit down by e subways, light up a candle . and sing while strumming her guitar ( her passion and motivation to live on). her sweet cryastal like vocal really made me in love with her, nt forgetting her cute feature too =/ .. jux before the sunrise, at 4am she had to return home.. at 1 occasion she met this guy thru her rm's window , whom she felt in love with, and will watch him before she slept. imagine such a swt loving girl trap in dakrkness? heartache. the story goes on how she confess to the guy , and how e guy , despite her illness still love her... all e way till unfortunately ...don wana mention tt..

was first introduced to her by my fren , he sent me this song'rolling star' which is e theme song of the famoous anime bleach. at first i thought , it was jux another act cute voice, but the more i listen , the more i feel in love with her voice... then i came across this mtv 'good bye days', which enlisted me to be her fan.... (do drop by to watch , 100% u fall inlove with her=p) , wat really draw ne to her was when she trying to reach high note of the song, her serious, concentrated facial expression, really move and touch me, who say only serious man looks charming, serious girls can be full of charm too =/

wat really sad was tt the show was nt as well publisehedn here as was in jap, hardly anyone bout the show, here doin my little part in helping her =].. then e bullshyt show 'curse of the golden flower' so darn well publisehed, jux because of bigshot actors and directors! sign..

to be honest, i wana watched the show at first was solely becasue of whoelse YUI, but the movie was really ,full of innocent romacne, love, and so touching tt it made 1 cry... worth every cents in watching it, this season =]


  • lalala... I see your dear korean actor's as good as being dead and buried now... lol oh, and 'Taiyou no Uta' actually literally translates as 'The Sun's song'... not midnight sun lol Oh, and it's not the subway, but rather a small park close to the subway station where she sits and sings lol But I do agree... it is indeed worth a watch... Too bad it isn't well publicised at all...

    By Anonymous 月の影, At 2:15 PM  

  • YUPPPPPPPP the movie was super touching.. yoz thanks, it was a really great recommendation ya.. i have to admit, was quite against the idea of watching a romantic movie with guys.. but i am glad that i went.. nONo recommendation through friends is more useful.. so lets get all of our friends to watch it.. haha btw i got 2 to go watch it already.. bleah 月の影, this kind of details really isn't important you know.. what is important is YUI and midnight sun and your hair rocks! lolz.. hmm kj, i see e need to explain.. when you ask me how i find the movie and i reply with " stupid movie", actually not so, i really like that movie and yui alot.. just that i don't like the idea of myself crying over a movie or show.. but shhhh don't let anyone know who wrote this comment.. ahhaha =D

    By Anonymous Kaoru Amane will live forever in our heart!, At 12:33 AM  

  • -月の影, ops wrong translation =/, i did nt say in the subway, i said'by the subway'which is the park =/... yea really sad the show wasnt published at ALL,nt even show in TV AD , ALL I CAN SEE WAS TT STUPID CURSE DON know WAT ROTTEN FLOWER, 1 tend to be rather critic, when things go against their desire =/ as for song hye gyo, still love her, but i prefer chubby cuteness of yui over song,and ontop of tt her talent and focus emotion which strike me most =]

    -kaoru amane will live forever in our heart!, yup tt so darn TRUE,i understand y u said stupid, cox no big man would like to cry over touching matter, but hey to be 1 who dare shows and admit their
    emotion, is already a ture MAN!

    yui, really is so talented and cute, and she maturing in her music career, all e best YUI, though you nvr know this site, or wth wrote it =/

    By Blogger kai, At 10:02 AM  

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