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Sunday, December 03, 2006


term tests are drawing near, like 8 more days perhaps? how not uptodate can i be, when i only realised that i be having trem test last wk. blur as usual/

exam duration had reduced from an hour half to an hour, test gonna be like a choo-choo or rather bullet, u know train....

1 of my subject PIA is a open book test. 'whoa' 'cool' most of my jc pals will said., but hey i think is a devious trap by the teacher. with e mindset of 'open bk', 1 tends to spent ;less time on the subjects and became heavily dependence on the notes during exam, hey how much time u have to flip here and there jux to find the source u wan? by thr time u find it...'time-out' and have a kit-kat to munch u frustrationon on =p. .. fallen into this trap during my quiz, gonna fung, tt im 100% confidecce of =/ 1 more thing, 1 will keep flipoing the notes to double check their ans even though their ans is correct.

2 of my pals enlisting soon ... spend lots of time with them , while neglecting the fact tt i ned time for mugging and project.. is nt tt i don wana catch up with u guys, its jux tt i,m busy =/. and hey wkends u guys are release frm camp too right? so can meet up then?
guess mon will be our last meet up till my examm finished... cant w8 for mon dota =]

ppl there, ppl herer,
some sees beauty u, some sees ugly u
those tt c mirror images
are those tt judge fairly
and are most likely to be trustworthy
those tt c beauty u only
are hypocrate
those tt sees ugly u only
perchance are jealous of you =/
+1 of kj crapping poetry aginin+

kai sigining off(finally remeber to put this)=]


  • Focus on what's important, kai-kun... And I never once said that you 'don don wana catch up with u guys'... It's ok, I know what you're going through and I can understand =) You really don't have to force yourself if you can't make it... It's seriously alright... don't wanna be a burden to ya, y'know lol =b

    But... having said that, I do appreciate all that you've done... And am glad you're finally making an effort for once... lol That thursday... really was the best thus far =D

    As for your little poem... It does make sense, but alas, you really are too self-righteous... I see both the beauty and ugliness of ya... And i'm certainly not afraid to give my two cents about either... mwahahahha

    By Anonymous squall839, At 4:53 PM  

  • nice poem, at least it is more decent then the previous one.. lol anyway yeah i think its ok. still can communicate through sms when our friends are in camp mah

    By Anonymous calvin_deathslayer, At 12:20 PM  

  • thx =]

    actually more like thoughts then poem arhaha

    fall, there endlessly
    rope is long
    for u to hang on to ,
    it snap
    but hang on to fren,
    it stays....
    ops another crappy

    By Blogger kai, At 1:13 AM  

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