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Saturday, September 30, 2006

-weekend stuffs-

yet another female colleague say tt i like so kiddy( beta way of saying childish) i think.. she asked whether my gf ( i don hav any) is as kiddy as me anot? and ask whether i go clubbing, and if i went ,the sercurity will ask for my ic to verify my age -.- oh well... jux take it as a compliment i guess... i think with e 'kiddy' look ahem* save me alots of times frm being slaughter frm boss.. perhaps more on my boss is a darn nice lady, treated every1 nicely fairly... =]

today i choose to rest instead of goin to work, plan to go for a swim , but e wheather doesnt allow, probably later e day ..

yesterday , my job require me to travel all e way to inova jc at woodlands(my home is at south, and i gotta go all e way norht =.=, met beng chew who's heading to sch) , cox RMG hospital is doin health screening for teachers, i was appointed to do registratoin..

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haiz, the bicycle tt my uncle gave me to replace my stolen 1 turned up to be @#$#% .. e chain jux doesnt seems to work , when i cycle , e bike jux remian station(a/e)ry( don know which 1 e right 1 @__@)... e tyre is totally flat too, i push it(togerther with my swimming bag) all e way to bicycle shop to pump it, after tt was thinking to cycle to toa payo for e swim, then after i realise the chain thingy//(don wana ask e bicycle man to repair cox they will say ur chain is don knopw wat mutilpe chain, i suggest u change them or buy new 1) //i went there once uc, b4 tis, becox of my previous bike chain fall off too, did manage to repair it myself =] but nt the latter bike.... so i had to push e bike all e way back home.. soon after tt it rain again, blessing in disguise i guess, i could had being wet on my way to toa paya if e bike is in 100% in condition,,,

LOl , cant believe channel u is broadcasting the show 'all in' at bout 2pm todae.. a darn old show, which i had jux finish recently(isnt really a fantastic show, predictable plots, but who cares so long she in e show =]).. im hook to tis korean actress song hye kyo, watch her in 'full hse' 'all in' 'authun fairy tales', tt all, wanted to watch 'my girl' , any1 has it? in her previous 2 debuts b4 'full hse'. she jux like a normal high sch gal, had black hair, nt much make up, nt active, lots of crying scence... then in 'full hse' totally metaphorzie to a hyperactive, dyed hair , cute character....more like a star i guess ...

hopefully latta e day , the weather will be gd enulf for a swim..i really ned to plundge into e pool to relax frm e weekday works.... work may be hectic but im in a way having fun in e process and learning new stuffs , experience....

keep on keeping on .... =]


  • Since you already had swimming in mind before I asked... oh well.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, At 5:23 PM  

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