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Friday, September 01, 2006

kite flying

serving my sentence now at home after finshing my exam 2 days ago... yup gonna be another 7 whole wks i guess.. hopefully could find a job this time rnd

just yesterdaterday was teacher's day.. visited my sec sch bout 3 , ahem , by th@t time the whole celebration had finished, and almost half the teachers had gone back home, ... still manage to catch up with some teachers too =d

was thinking of visiting my pri sch, but just solely for the purpose of seeing my p5-6 form teacher mrs wong,, but was abit too late then, be visiting some other time afterall i been visiting for the past 5 yrs... she is a teacher beyond any +ve bombastic verbs avaliabe in dic... reason wise , maybe declare some other time ba.. cox in a way its link to my deeeeep personal life =D

oh yea i had finished a korean drama , FULL HOUSE, man the show is darn nice...partly due to the lead actress song hye kyo.. unlike hong kong shows where theres lots of actions,assaults , fighting here and ther to capture viewers , korean shows, simply just used words to touch viewers..

e theme of the story basically telling how this guy whos in love with her but don know how to express it , or rather darn not, or just express in the wrong way, how lucky for the guy when she simply didnt mind his ignorance and accept him as he is ... e power of love?, or love made one drown in illusion? 1 fact is that there isnt always this kind of girls arnd,.. whoever u like , grab tt very chance u had , least u regret latta... scared of rejection? well at least u tried, and know the truth and need nt waste ur youth on her ya?

y e tittle 'kite flying'? ask me =D
and they live happily ever after.....


  • y "kite flying"

    By Anonymous Anonymous, At 10:47 AM  

  • e kite symbolise memories, as time goes ,like the string attach to the kite get longer, we tend to forget it(cant see e kite high up the sky), but hey we can always hold on to e string, ya? (tis refers to teacher day,remenber them k?)

    some sad memories , u can simply snap off the string and just leave the kite fly out of sight.(this bout e fact tt when 1 face rejection,forget it and move on)
    yes e kite may always down , and e memory recalled, till then the bad memories hurt no more....

    @__@ well just some lame analogy.

    By Blogger kai, At 11:44 AM  

  • So even you are capable of conceiving such deep thoughts...
    Looks like all my effort in getting you into anime was wasted though... sigh... Oh well, to each his own i guess. Memories make us human... No matter if they're good or bad... It is because that we hold them close to us that we know what it's like to feel, to treasure something and to cherish something... Bad memories are to be treasured as well... for they have played a part in your shaping, and who you are now. There will come a time in the future when you'll be able to look back and smile, perhaps even laugh at how things were... no matter how painful or sorrowful they may have been. Of course, someone like you who has selective amnesia and a memory much akin to that of a goldfish's, though perhpaps not as bad, will probably never understand this... Maybe you do remember what it was like then... I do hope you do, anyways... Running away is never an answer, Kai... In the end, what makes someone you know truly exist, that the times you shared and the struggles you overcome truly existed... Are your memories... There is no other proof. Kai-kun...

    By Anonymous Someone who is losing everything..., At 4:48 PM  

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