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Wednesday, September 06, 2006

tapestry of time love& memory

yesterday jux catch up with my sec sch days buddies... they labelled us "f4", cox we 4 are always together during npcc ... we had dinner at the kopitaim at ps , we tried the famous grilled chicken rice or watever u called tt, mi had grilled fish instead..=]

we had lots of fun conversation.. during the meals.. john(mozart) was saying he doesnt like skimmpy dressed lady ,for some reasons he mention tt, ryan(lion) replied'i like those skimmpy 1'// john replied quoting frm bible"the body is the temple of God" , in way saying our body is sacred nt to be shown anihow, then i jump and concluded" tt y we mux exposed our body to allow ppl to enter e temple of God" --- all burst into laughter--- bill clinton(clinston) said o.O kite has grown up or stm like tt... peace all is jux a joke...

straight after tt we headed to parklane to have bout say 5 games of dota, man it was so darn fun... only 3 official games, cox theres 2 we rm in e middle of game, 1st we pawning them(me and john) the 2nd they thrashing us(clinston and ryan)...

we had 3.5 hrs of gaming.. I went to john house and had a long talk, bout business with his dad for some reasons… lol

at times no matter how busy we are, always remember to spare some times to catch up with our buddies,, they r after all , our long life friends.. friendship weaves a tapestry of time love& memory…=O

wana post the pics we took yesterday, but cnt cox maybe the file is too big 11mb uc, tried to compress it but got error,, arrhhh .. previous pics i posted is like 400kb each.. some1 there can teach me how to convert bitmap image to JPEG image????


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