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Saturday, September 23, 2006

e digit 4

4, four , yup u been working for e past 4 days, did I, yes i DID, endure , even todae sat @__@ ,for e pass 2 days had OT work for like 10hr 30 mins , man was so darn tired now..

my work basically required me to do all e admin stuffs , check particulars of patients, print , send , etc, btw me working in Raffles medical hospital.. ya e pay is gd for my age
@ $7/hr,, e job may sound easy, but i had to e same things over and over again infront of the stupid lifeless com.. my job also required me to run frm schs to sch (they call it e onsite)to do those medical checkup for moe teachers, currently in charge of height and weight , mon will be ht/wt + taking blood pressure.. soon wil be doin the registarion stuffs. enulf of the works..

tks God tt my colleuges r pretty nice and understandin g ppls.. my boss too =]. myy 2 other gal colleuges are doin part time too , their birthday fall on the same mths as me too , july.. consicience,, o.O communication isnt a barrier in e office here, with e opposite gender, but at sch in front of gals im jux liek a quiet mouse , but in e office i talk e most ,,@___@

yesterday, for my onsite, i went to xinmin pri, met up with tis gal , incharge of taking BP. she taught me how to do it , pretty swt of her =] als o found out tt she study in TP too, yr1 in engin sch taking some bio.. infotech engineering... consiceince again.. Lol.. she choosing french for her cds too , and french was my previous cds, she ask wherther my class gt ppl choose psychology, and tt happento be my first choice cds e nxt sem.@___@

for yesterday onsite , nt only did i incahrge of e ht/wt but also replenish all e neccesary stuffs, in e van and together with e driver dive frm sch to sch to leave our stuffs there for mon used,..
whenever we reach 1 sch we look at e teacher photos and pick up e prettiest lady, etc, he was telling me when u go to JC don look at e teachers look at e students unstead cox jc teachers r preety old hags, :# ops

in e van we gossip bout how e most gorgeous lady in e office bla bla, he told me he had tis crush on 1 of the colleuges , bla bla@__@

oh yea , 1 of the colleuges even call ne his son, so close /swt lol, she was telling tis female collleuges , she she had tis new son, and she replied how many mths ?@__@, i m18yrs old nt mths old @__@

office life is pretty tring, but in here i made pretty more frens and learn t o speak up more especaiall y in front of e opposite gender, man now i can open a conversion with a gal , instead of alwyas e other way rnd then me stay quiet uninterested,,

in working place, 1 mux really able to faced their mistakes and learnt frm it, do nt hang it over ur heart, lets it go and move on =]

in sch ppl say tt im blurr , in office too, they sa y kaijie y u so blur de , e labtop wire plug wrong holes, misplace my PDA pen, count wrongly, i remember once i took down a lady weight as 56kg, she ask me u sure? i took again it is 68kg.. she asy u made me so happy for e moment =/=

hopefully im nt tt blur in e near furture.... I don wana bbe a blurrr boy man wat ever u calle d it

is a new experience for me here.. walking don tis lane , thou faces obstacles, no matter how many u turns i ned to take, i will finish it! =] unless of course they fired me =b


  • Being blur really is part of your charm... It simply makes you, you... You should never change that part of you, kai... I'm sure many people would agree with me hehe ;p And what a change in lifestyle, is it not? Instead of rotting at home day after day or shooting hoops all by your lonely self... OH THE HORROR!!!!1111!! THE CRUELTY!!!!! TO SEE YOU ALL ALONE LIKE THAT!!!!ONEONEONE!!! Ahem, anyways... get yourself a girl... maybe from your office place and you'll be complete ^_^

    By Anonymous Master Maguro, At 8:40 AM  

  • LOL true... getting yourself a girlfriend might not be the best thing to do, but knowing and interacting with more girls will certainly do you good. =X

    By Anonymous Chire, At 1:25 AM  

  • yupz... only getting 1 after army(when im more mature) 'ahem , actully i already am..' office colleagues say tt i look and behave like a 15 yrs old student =.= ..

    By Blogger kai, At 10:06 PM  

  • Hoho... someone's already planning ahead... But there's no harm in laying the groundwork and planting the... "seeds"... first... If you get what I mean... hehehe >=D Hmmm... everyone liked you the way you were at 15... and everyone still does... You haven't changed alot since that time, really... And that's the way I hope you'll be... You'll grow up someday, kai... but for now... not too quickly, not too soon... Of course I'd rather you change in a few aspects... be more expressive, say "thank you" more often and "sorry" more often etc etc... =b

    By Anonymous Lord Ika, At 10:19 PM  

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