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Wednesday, April 12, 2006


well its being ages since i last updated.. i justly simply lost interest in blogging that it.. i mean no point writting if i dont have the mood. the sudden rush to blog again simply because i fell like it.. well my peers are probably enjoying their holidays i just simply rot at home.. thank GOd my maid finishe d her 'ter/ms' here an dfly back home. since im the only son left at home i had to tak e care of sweeping / mopping etc chores at home.. i tell u doing all theses is not my piece of bread(wonder if this quote ever existed) @_@.. at least doing all these kills times... i had this interest in tarot cards recently.. this freinds of mine told me not to get close these stuffs.. stubborn me, the more he disagree the more i wanted to get them... partly due to curiousity too.. i knew kino sell them.. tt fateful day i decide to try my luck cycle to orchard where e main branch is.. expected i didnt get there.. i felt lost .. like cursing in my heart.. wth am i.. looking around i realised i was at clark kee(don know how u spell it) .. i saw liang court .. and kino sign board outside e building.. man tt point i guess its fated for me to get those cards.. inside kino i did cam eacross 3 decks of diff cards.. i chose oracle cards which is like tarot cards cox is cheaper -.-.. back home i tried it an dwas quite accurate.. few days pass i just simply lost interest in them.. weather looks today going have a swim later.. and new maid was here yesterday.. loads lessen= more board tts way had to do sports to kill times...=]


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