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Tuesday, April 18, 2006

shyt or bowel?

woosh.. feeling much better after shyting(or rather removing my bowel to be more 'polite' ) whichever words one prefers ba.. i myseff think shyting is more straightforward which can tell forth to ur friends directly without going through your brain whether is appoprite to spit e word 'shyting' oout.. is more frank and sincere in a way.. those who say remove bowel probably think twice before saying out cox they scared e word shyting may offense or disgust others(spoiled their image).. to me is not frank and tt friends who said 'removed bowel' again maybe jux probably not a good friends of yours.. or so i think.. a good friend will just be frank and say stuff straight forward to ya without thinking twice appopriate words to used.. again 1 may argue tt maybe tt good friends of yours is taught to used e word bowel rather than shyt from young.. tt expectional O_O .. again i think e word shyting is more cute than bowel.. i don see it as rude i see it as cute direct frank... =O i see bowel as being hypocrite(for some only) =/..

read through some other peers blog .. some are really fantastic with their template.. some even had music .. mine is jux classic black plain.. T_T.. com noob u see.. whining.. so long ...


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