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Monday, April 17, 2006

childhood song shld CHANGE!

juz yesterday was e books ware house sales held at expo hall 6b.. was there to get like 3 books for ten bucks.. well of course e books are nt in tip top condition but are readible.. those who know me well will say things like wth he doing , he not someone who go so far to get some mere books cox im not and ever a bookworm...( -@_@-).. well am serving my 2 mths plus holidays.. spending most of my days at home.. well at leasts those books kills and prevent my mind from decomposing(in a way o2 recharged if u know wat i meant)... fro some resons some old chinese childhood songs come huming in my mind.. like those' 2 little tigers' ... it goes like '2 little tigers 2 little tiger see how fast they run.. one didnt have a ear 1 didnt have a tail so funny so funny'.. for a moment i feel like this song is rather disturbed cox is like teaching a child to label those handicapped as funny.. ya?
ones can see thats most of the youngsters keep a distance or dispised those who are handicapped.. probably of that tigers song.. darn tt song writter lol...=.=
1 more of those oldies chinese childhood songs talk bout ' this old woman gave e tirshaw man $.5o instead of a dollar forr e ride and ended by saying isnt tt funny?' come to think of it alots of them talks bout funny.. for me i donmt see it funny cox maybe e old woman (u know maybe she have had bad eyesight cox of her age ya?) , resulting in her taking out e wrong coins.. instead of ending e song 'isnt it funny' while not ended it by saying things like lets us take care of those ah pei, ah ma well due to some of 'aging sickness' or ' disadvantage'.. ya? =x


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