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Monday, June 01, 2009

drowning a rat

tumbling of little feet above the ceiling in the middle of night. . .that eerie thought of 1 dropping from above finally got me to resort to Mouse-trap. . . yes after like 4 days, 1 was caught, while cage no2 nothing was caught; the bait being eaten probably invaded by some season-rat O__o

little did i know that i was suppose to be e one terminating it, they just provide the equipment and i was suppose to do the killing. .

drown it, flushed it down, burn it? all the suggestion came flooding, but decided on drowning it, being the a more humane way. i told myself, this rat had to be killed, least they landed themselves in some dustbin chute and bring bacteria to the cookhouse or even bunk. yea think of biggr picture to convince myself.

at first i was like the merciful soul, feeling disgusted at the act of killing rat. i witness how this rat struggle in the trap soak in a tub of water. how it held on to its little life, how its half finally closed and with a thud sink into the bottomless pit. . . i was sad seeing it, yet i cant believe me laughing when the rat got stuck in the cage when the others trying all sought of ways to remove it from cage.

thinking back i felt disgusted. . . they are living creature after-all. . . i was surprise how i from being sad to laughing out loud in an instance. . .


  • At least you reflected on it, kai-kun. That is very least you could do for it, and yourself. Yes, everything has a right to live... but nothing gives you the right to torment and derive enjoyment from the death or suffering of a lesser being... They are no less worthy or deserve no less the right to live than we do...

    By Anonymous how could you, kai-kun..., At 12:30 AM  

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