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Tuesday, October 10, 2006

tired beezie head

zZzZZzzZz.... yawn..../ man tml yet had to travel to woodlands again for my onsite $%#$E! ... tis few days either travel to school located at sembawang, yishun , khatib or woodlands , kranji, in short schools located up north, and goosh me stayed in e southern 'hemisphere'... enough bout works..

jux few days back , had a 'memorable' haircut... cox i had mine usually at those located at roadside for bout 10-12 bucks.. but hey since im working , i wana tried at jean yip , yup jux for an experience or sought...

/// in e saloon ///

he asked 'how u wan to cut ur hair'
i replied 'jux cut short'
after washing my hair
nxt moment u can jux see him swing his sisscors round my head, like bumble bee round e hive... within 5 mins, he said finish and help me style a nerdy style... adn said ;'it look gd on you' i was like WTh, feels liek yelling out , but don @__@... then he gave me a coupon saying if come back a few times charge cheaper, well seeing e results i decline of cocurse! reluntucly i paid him 32.90 #@$#@$ ,
immediately i rush into e toilet to restyle it, though it didnt look gd but at least beta then e previous 1 he did,... branded stuff, gd reputation doesnt alwasy means quality and gd service ....

i think back probably if i had said stm bac tt may offend the hairdresser , resulting him in 'anihow' cut my hair.. perhaps i said 'cut short' tt means tt i don trust his style, in a way made him had to cut e style tt previous hairdreeser had on me... in a way delude him ?_? LESSON 1 don ever say 'cut chort' in classy saloon..... thinlk too much

CRAPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPy , tired bye for now @_@


  • I'd really like to take a look at your new hairstyle... But I don't know if you'd want to see me to begin with... Keep at it, Kai... only a little more than a week left. You'll eventually get to savour the same experience... maybe worse in the future when you really begin working. Just keep on keeping on, you can do it.

    By Anonymous 貴重な友人, At 10:25 PM  

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