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Friday, October 13, 2006

smuges memo

yet another day, i had anchor myself at woodlands for my onsite,...

todae stm rather amusing things happen:

i was doing registration(ever since they put me in this position, their medical packages sold has since sky high) //smugging// my roster has seen been registration since then...

k back to topic, my 'position' require me to explain the packages to them etc persude them to take up... also there tis package , which include e ;stool test; , me was suppose to explain to them how to retrive their stool sample,and put them in a card... btw stool aka bowel, shyt watver u called tt ...

k then todae, this man in his 60s , after he had retrieved his sample in e card, he go bac to me and open it up with 2 smuges of browinie stool, and show it to me, asking me was it correct, i was like yes ys pls close e card,,, =.= man e rm is air conditioned u c ... loL..

after today, another of my part time colleague in e office gonna leave e office too., leaving me e only part timer left,,, haiz, gonan miss her prescence @____@ , todae last time see her, but nt much talk , as todae i was assign to do more on onsite job.... tml too ....

there always a time when we need to part frm some1, sometime i asked shd we ever start it? but hey , y nt, its always be in my heart ..............i hope


  • Kai-kun, don't take anyone for granted... Yes, it is inevitable that we all must say goodbye one day, but... when, and how it happens... no one will ever know. Those most dear to you may be by your side one moment, then the next... just like that... I'm sure you understand... You've known how it felt like, after all... So kai, cherish every moment... The present isn't just a present... It is something that you will never ever come across again. No matter how far apart, no matter how distant... I'm sure someone... everyone you've met and touched... lives on within you.

    By Anonymous Clotho, At 11:51 PM  

  • AIYA! should have ask me mah.. to reply to you previous post, jean yip not so good de. Alot people said that liao... hmm but you know bendemeeer here also got a shop not bad de? i went there to cut a few times le, quite satisfied with it, and it cost only $10 sia. btw still got help you style de... lol

    By Anonymous newl, At 4:25 PM  

  • i usually cut mine beside e basketball there, think e salon is called venus. pretty gd too =/

    DON ever go jean yip,ther customer service suk too.. if wana calssy, luxurious 1, think red shld be beta and hey cheaper too..

    here i am black marking them lol

    By Blogger kai, At 10:21 AM  

  • hey hey mine also there de sia... but i dunno what is the name, lol

    By Anonymous newl, At 7:09 PM  

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