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Tuesday, May 04, 2010

letting go

It’ll be a lie if I said I’d let go. I sunk myself with many logical reasons; only realizing that it was my failed attempt to run away.

Don’t say I don’t even try now. Thick skin as I am, must be shy after bitten so many times right?

I guess the only time I’ll totally let go is when she found the special someone. ..

There is a time when closets must be cleaned out, pictures put away, and a new door to be opened.

Till then!

takre care
桜 & 恋


  • Unexpectedly poetic... very well written too. But I did not come to, nor am I writing to grade an English Essay. It is what it means to be human, kai-kun. To feel is to live, and unfortunately, more often than not we will be chained down, scarred and often find ourselves at a loss. It is only natural to feel as such, having opened your heart and given it fully to someone else. I too, know too well this sting, this dull ache you mention. I may not have opened myself to many... but to those I honestly thought I could trust, and yet hurt me so... Still leaves a dull ache that I try not to let my thoughts linger to every so often.

    Time may stand still for this one instance. For this one memory, for this one longing and attachment. But it has to go on in all other areas in life.

    By Anonymous (> ' ' )>, At 8:43 PM  

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