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Sunday, November 05, 2006

tt y i shall c

never been blooging this few weeks, nothing muxh happening uc.... oh well heres a few updates for this this wk

attended my first psychology lesson.. e class was yr 1 and female dominent, complete mirror image(too much dota in my head lately) of my class... is like arnd with kids, well am a kid myself. 'ahem' ! my fren had ask me are u into psycho? i was like #@%$#@ , i was buffled, until i kind of get what she meant.. i say yea me in 'psycho'....

was on the bus , was dead tired after game of socccer with pals, thus laying my head against the handles of seat, and fell asleep..... mins had past, when i felt some 1 pulling my hair, i thought perhaps my hair had stuck in between some holes of e handles (cant describe it well) =.= oh well, after a while i kind of felt uncomfortable and turn arnd to c a man in his thirty.... his hand was on my sit! man i was dead feak out, this man had been touching my hair for don know how much donkeys mins..$#a#$s$# mind u , my hair was sweaty and he liek touching them.. i immediatelyshifted myself to e window sit.. then fall bac slp ...

receive my pay at last , but is only for e first 3 wks of pay... get my last wk pay at e end of this mth.was darn proud tt i had earn a k plus, only then realised that 200 odds were deducted for CPF(continous permenant fund)?_?

was suppose to vist my god mum hse but nvr turn up T___T, oh yea my dad allows me to wear braces =] but wher shld i go to make

he 'ificanceworlduc'
she 'ushallceworldthrumyeye'

@_________dotting my way_____________________________________@
signing off( when was e last time i sign off?)


  • And there you were, so many weeks ago, telling me about how you were gonna do sports everyday instead of working... Your first real taste of working life...

    Why didn't you go visit your god mum? Kai, if you don't put effort into relationships, even the warmest of fires can go cold... Please don't tell me you "didn't feel like it" or "felt lazy"... Surely she must mean enough to you... You remember what happened with the bunch you met at orchard plaza, right? Do you want the people you've met and come to like at your workplace go the same way as them...?

    Braces, braces... wonder how your bro will feel, since he asked for them first... and where are those 2 phrases from?

    By Anonymous watcher, At 11:11 AM  

  • really lazy .. bump don wan aget off.. perhaps this wk =]

    orchard plaza? o.O don know whatcha means... btw is there an orchard plaza?

    phrases ,think frm 'superman'

    By Blogger kai, At 5:37 PM  

  • ... hmmm... didn't want to be too in-depth... orchard plaza is the building that's just a walking distance from somerset MRT... It's next to centerpoint and orchard point... The place you showed me and where we took that lift all the way to the top... Those people you met there during sec 3... Surely you haven't forgotten?

    By Anonymous observer, At 8:00 PM  

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