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Friday, January 13, 2006

oh well.......

this week has been rather hectic,panda eyes tells because tons of projects thrown right in front of my face. oh well , just have to face whatever in front of me.... fews months time will be having my final exam for the semester. times fly... met a sec school friend and teacher today.. had a long chat... we talk or rather gossip things like the campus superstar(singing compettition).. one of the contestent happen to be from my sec school.. he did pretty well .. well at least better then the previous one(no offense personl point of view) ... he lost mainly to popularity i guess... the system in this kind of compettion is rather commercialised then searching a talent.. the score is base mainly on votes via calls rather than judges given scores... well those contestant happen to have rich parents friends they sure can make it for sure... well who cares ... about talents.. the singtel etc are earning money...yes true one must not only sing well but have the charisma(but this is the criteria for to be famous, as a singer) however this compettion, is a talent show not searching for a wanna be singer.. im lost... oh well .. life like that...
kai signing off


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