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Tuesday, May 15, 2007

'if' ~

This song revolved round the word ‘if’. ‘If I could, this, that’ is a common quote in people these days, I meant what done is done, there no point whining ‘if I could only. . .’; more ever ‘if’ already means impossible, saying ‘if’ only made 1 feels more regretful, sinking deeper to remorseful , into regression. Bottom-line instead of ‘if’, why not just look ahead and see that as a lesson learnt, a steeping stone for future endeavor! Having said that, it is always easy to state a statement and ‘counsel’ others, but is always hard to ‘counsel’ oneself. The hardest person to seep into is you yourself! That is precisely why we need close friends, spouse, parent, brothers etc, in time of resentment.

Sometime we need something really bad to happen in order for a particular message to be sent across, and that’s me. To be frank, for me that kind of lesson learnt will just slip away in a matter of times~ goosH, ding, dang, gosh, baM, bish @______@

Well anyway, finally found YUI’s latest album lyric translation, was actually all the while in my ‘favorite page’ (never notice till lately =’=) I’m surprise that her songs now is kind of dark, sad and as usual impact-ful. Sometime people review their feelings through poetry, expression and for YUI is music, I think. For example in her ‘thank you my teens’, she wrote ‘Just singing
Turning any pain into a new song right away
Just by doing that, I was able to turn it into strength’
So how many ‘painful’ songs she wrote depicts how sad she is?
Anyway some ‘quotes’ from her songs that really are power pack! Just to list a few yea~
-in ‘why’ she wrote ‘Why do people have words?
They make our hearts harder to see’ (so words mask one trueself?)

-in ‘highway chance’ she wrote ‘It’s like getting on the highway from a loop road – that kind of image
You push forward, but the reality is
It’s lying in the palm of someone’s hand’. (O_O sound chim still trying to figure the link in highway with the palms of someone hand)

## @ such a tender age she's able to write stuffs like that, man if only i could pen down lyric like her, SEE I'M ALREADY WHINING 'IF' ~ but hey who know~

With that
Take care
Ciao~ =’

PS: DR jiang lee called and asked me go tp to sign some form for sip, after i signed, i realsied it was IMRE nt the 1 i was posted to at ICES, i was like JIAng LEE!!! and me of cousre for overlooknig e details, now she said i might be posted there instead but need to go for another interview, BUT i do prefer the 1 at ICES as i being dealing with more chemistry stuff rather then more enginering stuff at IMRE, worst case sceneraio= both also failed to get in , but whichever 1 i be posted to so be it, since both will start from 0 =/


  • Your image ( is too big in terms of width. As such, it's being forced downwards.

    By Blogger Ruben, At 7:57 PM  

  • 'If', 'if', 'if'... Perhaps the most powerful of words in the human vocabulary... It can save empires, topple anarchies and bring forth promises of a better future... but only in your mind. But people are delusioned, they can't take reality. Therefore, they settle with 'if' and not'is'...

    Yes, you forget about things incredibly easily... sigh, but you're still a boy...

    By Anonymous the future that never was, At 9:37 PM  

  • @RUBEN

    @THE FUTURE . . .
    there u go again also 'supress' me with ur philosophical thoughts! u are a wise old man , kidding =]]

    By Blogger kai, At 7:08 PM  

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