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Sunday, August 31, 2008


I was confined; YES I was confined for one darn night, reason being for bayonet kena ’stunt’ (an abbreviation that all army guy should know). There’s no point cursing and swearing as I deserved the mistake done, I couldn’t exactly remembered how many times my 4D number was taken down for not polishing of boots, for not putting a bar of soap in my field pack for the 16km road march (it’s not as if w/o the soap will make it lighter, but the discipline to do what was ordered I figured that out later.) I was more or less black listed! MAN @_____@ zzzz I just need to be punish to wake up I guess.
Had our 16km road march this week, and it rain at our 12km point; I guess it was a double edge sword cux with the rain everyone was like chionging to the end point forgetting all the tiredness but the downside was that our boots were soaking like submarine la, and blisters all pop up like no one business. The moment I pulled out my socks, I saw 2 totally wrinkly-pale feet with all the toes adhered together as one! @__@ 24km road march next Monday!

Then it was SOC. Finally I cleared all the obstacles in SBO attire, I even cleared the low rope which I’d never cleared before in SBO, but sadly I didn’t meet the timing to finish the obstacles, but hey at least I improved from 3 obstacles that I can’t cleared to 0!
Then there was IPPT. Was aiming for sliver this time; but my SBJ stop me from getting it with all other station at least a sliver point, sian. For some reasons I just can’t seem to jump far. . . oh and my 2.4km was 10mins flat this time round! 9 min barrier here I come real soon!

And as for the confinement, other confine-nist were busy clearing up the stores and stuff, I was training with other drills squad members for the upcoming drills competition. When the training was done, the store-stuff were more or less done, that we played basketball, badminton, watch movie, pool, ping pong and stuff. It was more like a stay in after drill practice than a punishment for me (though I did help up in some chores too).

Having said that, the longing for family during the overnight-stay was really terrible, I was tossing round my bed and thinking of my family members before I could really get to sleep. That itself is more than a punishment already.

Takre care
桜 & 恋


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