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Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Chronicle of my life before army~Part 1

Chronicle of my life before army~

-while waiting for outing; i spend time singing at home, zi wo tao zhui LOL


Met up with Lion for some quick lunch before some game of bowling; it was like since when I last bowl, perhaps 3++ years back (cux I don remembered I did bowl during my poly’s days). As expected, I’d performed all the ‘long-kang’ kind of shots; where the entire ball roll down the corner of the lane; luckily no girls of our age there, if not I wouldn’t have had continue the game. LOL!

I even tried to act pro as usual when I tried to twist the ball making it spin. My kind of spin is the ball spinning round in a fixed position, not those kinds that spin from one corner to the center kind of stunt obviously! And it just didn’t get better evidently. . Lion was doing much better . . . wait wayyyyyyyy better, considering my average score of like 50 (I KNOW IS PATHETIC) @___@

Then we sit down for some tea and prata and talk about the good old times, the girls, about life even! This kind of thing is really nostalgic and I really do enjoy it! =]

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  • Usually I don't really comment on these sort of posts since I don't really... But for some reason, reading this one made me realise how little i really cared about the company of others or how i'm perfectly fine being all alone... for almost 6 months i've been out of touch with society now, with WoW being my only community... I guess it just surprises me that it doesn't bother me if no one particularly bothers to keep in contact with me any more... Or maybe it's the other way round where i just feel... nothing, really. I still feel the importance of the bonds... but for some reason, it's become so vague and... disquieting, maybe? I know I'd get insanely jealous after reading about all the fun things you do with others in the past.. But of late... I guess it's become the norm? lol I wonder when i stopped making the effort...

    By Anonymous the forgotten, At 12:38 AM  

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